Personally I’m not a huge Mobile gamer, nor am I particularly into board games anymore (does Hungry, Hungry Hippos with my daughter count?) So to do a Hitman GO Definitive Edition review for MGL I was a little out of my comfort zone.

But, I do love Hitman and the whole Agent 47 idea and have enjoyed all the games to date.

So putting this game in my PS4 was a mixed expectancy for me but after about 3 levels I was completely hooked on this captivating puzzle game that really makes you think.

About This Review

Game Reviewed: Hitman GO
Review Format: PS4
Available Formats: PS4, PS Vita, PC, Mobile
PEGI Rating: 7
Release Date: 23 February 2016

Look & Feel

Everything about Hitman GO is representative of a board game; the characters, the settings and even the menus presented as an open box of game pieces. It genuinely brings a smile with the charm too.

Hitman GO Definitive Edition Review 1

This could of course fall flat on the PS4 or PC given the high expectancy on graphics, considering this was a mobile game. But the upgrade to the graphics is very pleasing to the eye and complements the simple yet impressive graphical presentation of the game.

Technically there is little to even question here. It’s only a small download and to play it loads quickly with no glitches or flaws in my time spent with the game.

Atmosphere wise, the sound effects complement the simple style of the game and with a nice background score that changes appropriately depending on your mission type.

Hitman GO won’t stun you this week graphically like Far Cry Primal may this week, but its style is what makes it stand out. The desired board game look and feel is executed perfectly and really does all fit together perfectly.


You take control of Agent 47 in the game as usual, but this time thee is a difference. You are moving around a board with nodes you can move between, but once you move the enemies around you get their turn to and will try and stop you.

Your main objective is to complete the level by either moving through the obstacles to the highlighted exit, or “killing the mark” by sneaking up on the red highlighted character and assassinating them from behind in most cases.

Hitman GO Definitive Edition Review 2

This is all done like a King in chess, each piece gets a turn to move one space at a time. You must move one way or another but after you turn the enemies on the board also get their turn. While not all enemies move, the ones that move around will try and hunt you down and if you stop one space from them, and they are facing you, you’re dead and the level restarts.

If they are one space from you, and it’s your turn, you can kill them by moving to their place on the board.

It’s very simple gameplay here but it’s just so addictive and enjoyable to play. Especially the variation in enemies who move around, turn on the spot or simply stay still facing one way constantly & more. Getting past them all can be tricky just get the level done, but the temptation to go after the level bonuses are too much for me.

You have a few extra things to do, mainly collecting briefcases for a bonus stamp. But there are usually 3 stamps available such as not killing anyone or the opposite and leaving an empty board behind you. There are move targets too where u are asked to complete in less than the target moves.

All this adds to the addiction and what I like most it’s, unlike some titles the 3 bonuses can be done on separate tries rather than all at once. This makes the frustration that the game can induce a lot less of a problem.

But it is frustrating at times! Not that this is anything in the game that bugs you, the gameplay is spot on and very responsive for what the game requires. When you become trapped or just simply can’t figure out the pattern to get though, really hold on to those control pads tightly and don’t smash them.

Help does come on levels however with some support items for hiding in or throwing to draw the attention of guards where you can sneak past or kill them. And there are those moments when you just get it right on a level after 20-odd tries and you get it bang on. There are also tips if you are really stuck and they will walk you through the level step by step although they do lock the games final trophy/achievement of you use them.

It’s an excellent game play and even in the big screen will keep you going for hours. With a number of boards to play with levels within them you get a reasonably sized game for the money and it’s addictive fun as you play.

Overall Verdict

The main question here is, how much does the game suit the PS4 or PC after originally being a mobile game. While not the most stunning experience out there, the on-point presentation and simple but effective gameplay really do make this a must play for puzzle gamers out there.

It’s got plenty to do and it does everything well within its set mission. Hitman GO Definitive Edition will certainly assassinate plenty of your time as you see those hours drift by trying to do just one more level in this excellent puzzle title.

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