Sometimes you see games and think they look good, even great but then sometimes you see a game and the just make you smile and you know you’re going to have a blast playing it. Like I said in my First Impressions Article that also includes some details on the game, I saw the trailer for this cool Indie Game by Crazy Monkey Studios and immediately had a smile on my face and this continues as I write our Guns, Gore and Cannoli Review.

And while I played it hardly left my face, even at times when everything gets a bit tricky and you die loads of times in a row. It was reminding me of playing old 2D action games back in the 90s, in a good way. With some fast gameplay that never lets up and classic boss fights that are very entertaining there is a lot to love here. The gameplay itself is nothing in-depth and could get repetitive had the game not hit the right balance of variety of enemies and just being long enough to be worth playing but not so long you get bored of just shooting everything in sight.

A few collision detection issues and slow down are the only slight problems with this title that is incredibly fun and comes with a really cool set of characters set in 1920’s prohibition gangster times with one spicy meatball of a lead character.

Look, Feel & Story

The game has a really creative art style looking like every scene, character, deformed zombie and other enemy has been drawn by hand. This is all very comic book style and it really works with the gangster theme and the vast variety of characters in the game. Each one looks unique and well designed and this really makes the game something more than a simple shooter.

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What brings it all to life is the mob theme that sees you following the story of Vinnie Cannoli, a gangster hired by a Godfather like mob-boss to track down a wise-guy called Frankie. The story unravels as you play and takes some nice twists and turns involving some funny characters and nice Italian-american/mob one liners and phrases that will genuinely make you laugh. Blowing the head-off a rival gangster, Vinnie comes out with “Hey, you had more brains than I thought!” which was one of my favourites.

The fact the entire population of Thugcity is now a zombie, but for the gangsters (there is a reason for this which is quite funny) seems a bit random at first but because of the comic tone of the game it just works. It’s genuinely one a wonderful concept for a game that has been put together perfectly.


The game is pretty simple but that is not a bad thing as the simplicity is really well done with only a little slowdown spoiling the experience every now and again.

You move as Vinnie through various locations of Thugcity in a classic 2D environment armed with your trusty pistol with unlimited ammo. As you move you find more weapons including double-barrel shotguns, Tommy Gun’s and as you get further into the game, rocket launchers, flame-throwers and a cool electrocution gun. Ammo is regular enough as you move around but the challenge here is there is no way to aim, you will fire the gun straight forwards an that’s it so certain enemies are better shot with different guns than others.

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As stated, the variety in enemies is vast with a good number of zombies including standard staggering ones, cops or soldiers randomly firing guns, american-footballers charging at you and many more. But then they mix it up as you play and other gangsters will attack you with baseball bats and guns plus they behave more thoughtfully moving away from grenades/explosives as you try and get past.

Generally your objective is to get from left to right and see the next part of the story taking you through back alleys, strip clubs and warehouses even into the sewers with some not-so-friendly rats. The boss fights are few but really entertaining, particularly the last one that is classic 2D action having to take the villain down 3 times in 3 different ways which provides a decent challenge.

The game can get a little frustrating however, there is not much you can do in tight situations other than a weak kick and you can end up bouncing around and ending up dead time and time again, this can get you a little wound up after a while. The odd collision detection error creeps in with the platforming and occasional slow down when things get a bit crazy on screen are the only things to lower the experience here. But with a difficulty level that increases just right and some challenging but fun gameplay this is a really fun experience.


The game is built on a great concept, good variety with simple but well done gameplay that will keep you entertained. The game will keep you going for 4 hours or so maybe more but with more than enough to come back for give the local co-op gameplay so you can enjoy it with friends. Had the game been much longer it may have become too repetitive but, again the balance is just right.

A few technical glitches, that are likely to be patched, don’t get in the way of the enjoyment of this fantastic indie game that is an absolute blast to play. This really is an example of why Indie Games are so good for the gaming industry and available for less than a £10, forget about’it and get this awesome game in your collection.

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