The second episode in Telltales Game of Thrones Series was released this week, I have been eagerly anticipating its release ever since the first episode. After a strong start to the series lets see how our Game of Thrones The Lost Lords Review plays out.

Game of Thrones Season 1 takes place after the 3rd TV series and after the first couple of books. So yes there are spoilers to the series and this game is designed with the fans in mind adding more to the original story.

If you do not want spoilers then please do not continue to read the review and catch up with the movies/books first then move onto this game. Their will also be spoilers to Episode 1.


The House Forrester are not having a good time at the moment. Two family members have been killed, one presumed dead and another is being held hostage, their legendary Iron Wood is currently being held by the Whitehalls and it does seem like no help is coming. As you would expect the storyline for this series is still top notch and does blend naturally with the events from the TV show and Books.

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The Lost Lords adds two new playable characters, taking the total number up to 5. Each of them are again going through different situations but are all trying to handle the crisis that is effecting the Forrester family whilst trying to handle their own dangerous circumstances. You will have characters you love to play as and others you cant wait to skip past but this is exactly what my experience of the Game of Thrones books are.

Expect a lot of twists and turns still in this very cruel word, with any mistake you make could end up becoming that characters last. Telltale are still doing a great job of making this story your own. The Forrester family is indeed a welcome addition to Game of Thrones and you really do care for the characters.


Similar again to the Telltale game series where most of the game is controlled by Dialogue, however Game of Thrones does seem to have more choices and different responses from characters. You really do have to think about what you say and having a decent knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe does help a lot in this episode; Particularly with Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.


What The Lost Lords does this time is introduce a lot more action then I was use, which was very much a welcome addition to the game. Where the previous episode had only one real action scene, each playable character this time around does require you to perform a few action quick time events each. Again some more exciting then others and they are varied so its does not look like you are just doing the same thing time and time again.


Character design again is spot on and the voice cast is brilliant. However I did come across a few issues with this episode. Textures did seem to have a problem loading with a lot of the background environments and NPCs looking blurry at times and really did make the game look ugly. One huge problem that I did encounter is that the lip-sync was quite badly off at times, by far the worst I have seen it in a Telltale game. Bare in mind I am also playing this on a PS4 so it can not be a hardware problem.


Animations throughout through are very solid, there are some scenes where the lip syncing is spot on and the body language of the characters are scarily life like. Music is just incredible with the funeral song at the end of the episode being performed to perfection. It really did have my adrenaline going and I honestly really can not wait for the 3rd episode after that.

This was one of Telltales shorter episodes I honestly did restart one scene 3 times because I was not happy with the outcome and it took me 90 minutes roughly to complete. There are plenty of different outcomes for the episode but overall it is a tad on the short side when you do a first play through.


Again just like before this is a MUST for Game of Thrones fans. I am a big fan of Telltale and although Game of Thrones may still not be the best title in the developers library it still is a great title to play. Bugs however such as lip syncing and textures not loading did sort of ruin the experience for me at times, hopefully they will release a patch in the future to fix this.

Game of Thrones is very much the most anticipated Telltale title for me, it may not be the most fun to play but the storyline is epic and I genuinely feel part of the Forrester family whenever I play. Role of episode 3 because in this series literally anything can happen next.

Game of Thrones The Lost Lords Review Format: PS4

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