I was super pumped for this game to come out, so when I was told that I was to be the one getting to do this Fortnite review, I was very excited! While I do bring a proper review now, do note that Fortnite is currently in paid early-access for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is scheduled to release as a free-to-play title sometime in 2018 but it’s one I personally have been looking forward to.

Being Epic Games‘ first big game since Gears of War 3, Fortnite had a lot to live up to. Having been announced way back in 2011, the wait for the game has been long indeed, but has it been worth it? That is the question I mean to answer, dear reader, so read on to find out what I thought of Fortnite. And the ultimate question, is it worth paying for the early access time or waiting for 2018?

What I want to know is, if this disaster was occurring really. Who would you want to be helping you survive the onslaughts of Husk/zombie creatures? Leave a comment down below in Disqus or Facebook, and share this with everyone you know!

Look and Feel – “All my life, I wanted to be a pile of cards.”

Games can take themselves too seriously at times, especially with the visuals. They can therefore favour more photorealistic graphics, but Fortnite is a breath of fresh air in that regard. The graphics are cartoony but this is not overdone. The colours are nicely done too, and it’s a very aesthetically pleasing art style to look at.

Especially if you’re going to be playing it all day with no breaks…

Fortnite Review image 1One thing I love is the way the dark purple clouds roll around above you, and how they slowly spread across the sky when the husks are coming. It’s quite eerie really, and very menacing. You know what’s coming when everything turns purple and the lightning striking.

The menus however, are a different story. Once I’d really got into the game, I was bombarded with menus, and the only way I can describe it is that it looks like it was a PC game, where you have a mouse to click through everything.

The menu consists of a bunch of tabs you skip through, and there are more sub menus on each tab to manage things like your heroes, survivors, quests/missions, perks, mini-perks…there is so much to try and wrap your head around. It’s more designed around PC than console in terms of navigation so keep that in mind if you are deciding between formats.

This is something potentially patchable however. Plus, any issues can be forgiven once you’re in a game and actually playing.

Story and Gameplay – “Loot first, ask questions later!”

The game starts with you trying to find shelter from a storm. One that has already killed 98% of the world’s population.  You are found and taken in by an adorable robot called Ray, who is appropriately voiced by Ashly Burch.  Ray instantly thrusts you into the role of commander, responsible for the lives of everyone who’s left.

No pressure, eh?

Fortnite Review image 2All I can say about the gameplay is, damn this game is addictive.

The main bulk of the game is you collecting as many supplies as you can in procedurally generated worlds, and building a fort to survive the coming onslaught of ‘husks’ (basically zombies). Everything can be salvaged. Literally everything. I have been in groups where entire buildings were salvaged and nothing was left. This is surprisingly fun, and actually quite therapeutic.

Once you have all the supplies you want, you can get started on your fort. The building takes a little getting used to, but once you get it, it really clicks. You can place things on the go and upgrade them provided you have enough materials. Also, you can edit all the basic structures to make doors, windows and even different types of stairs.

It took me a while to remember you can build anywhere. I was stressing for ages at one point trying to jump up to a platform, before I had a serious ‘duh!’ moment and realised I could just make a flight of stairs to get there. Don’t be like me.

Working together

Multiplayer is the core of this game. It is possible to play alone but I really don’t recommend it. Working together to build an impenetrable fort is crazy fun, and sometimes hilarious when you watch someone fall off their newly built roof thinking they put a tile down.

Fortnite Review image 3I did experience frame rate issues as I played. Sometimes the game would actually freeze for a few seconds, leaving me to wonder if I was going to be kicked to the dashboard. It would fix itself though and I wasn’t kicked, leaving me to continue playing. I imagine these are all simply early access hiccups, and will probably be patched fairly soon.

There are MANY different heroes to choose from and play as, and all excel in different things. For example, Constructors are better at building, and can build faster and fortify structures. Outlanders are good at collecting supplies and finding chests, and Soldiers are… well, soldiers. All of them can be levelled up with specific ‘Hero XP’. You get this from completing missions, opening chests and smashing loot llamas.

And oh boy, the loot llamas. At first, I felt bad. Do these llamas know I’m about to kill them? Do they know that their guts are just candy and loot for me? Worry not! They know what they are and accept their fate. They even congratulate you on good loots!


Although Fortnite is being released as a free to play game next year, I feel it’s definitely worth playing now. By paying to get the early access and you get extra founders pack for doing so. Plus, its genuinely good enough to pay for.

It is an incredibly fun game, and although it’s not without its hitches at this time of writing my review, it absolutely has the potential to get even better, and I really think it will.

Slight framerate issues and freezes have not made this game any less fun for me, and it grabs you from the start with gameplay that feels satisfying and enjoyable. Be prepared to wonder where time went as you play too, it’s very addictive and really hard to put down. One loot hunters will love, check out my scores below and don’t forget to comment and Share.

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