Fast RMX is a fast and fun game, it expands the series of FAST games that Shin’en Multimedia have brought to a range of Nintendo consoles since 2011. The first offering was FAST Racing League (2011) on the Nintendo Wii which spawned two sequels; The Nintendo WiiU received the FAST Racing Neo (2015) which was received well.

With the recent launch of the Nintendo Switch Shin’en Multimedia are back with what they describe as a remix of the series under the guise of Fast RMX.

Most people have played Wipeout on the PlayStation consoles or have heard of F-Zero from the earlier Nintendo consoles of the 80’s. Well Fast RMX is a game of the similar genre, it’s a futuristic anti gravity racing game, which places the player in the role of the racer / driver of a futuristic equivalent of high octane sports racing.

The game is described as fast and fast it is, the speed of the game pushes the capabilities of Switch to its limit.

Look and Feel – “Gentlemen start your engines”

Right from the start the game feels fast, you the pilot are dropped into the hot seat where you racer hurtles along the anti gravity race way. The environment becomes a blur, your focus is down the track, looking for the curves and the twists at the end of each straight.

I would say you have time to look at the gorgeous surrounding environment but you don’t have the time or the ability to move your focus. Lose focus and your turned into scrap metal on the side of the track.

The Switch positively oozes its capability to show the speed of this game, Fast RMX is a game that really shows the hardware capabilities of the console. In both handheld and TV docked mode the game runs at 1080p with 60FPS. It’s a technological triumph that such a small handheld can do this. We have the future now.

The graphics are immersive and as the pilot i felt that i was drawn into the futuristic racing, with every bump and scrape the HD rumble tells me I’m losing paint when i clip the edge of the track through my controller. The enabling of boosting produces a very satisfying low frequency rumble in the controller to remind me that I’m becoming faster than FAST.

This game pushes the right buttons by making you feel the need for speed!

Game modes and Gameplay – “Right Here Right Now”

Fast RMX doesn’t have a storyline or campaign mode. The story isn’t required because you didn’t buy the game to click through cut scenes and listen to voice acting, you want speed, raw speed and right here, right now!

The basic premise is that you pick your racing class and choose you weapon of speed and 3 races later it’s all over in a blur. The podium pops up and you do it all over again. The single player mode is all about being dropped into fast racing and it certainly delivers this. As soon as you finish a race your brain and body is screaming out for more adrenaline fuelled fast racing!

But the game isn’t as simple as holding the go button down and putting down the futuristic equivalent of burning rubber. There’s a clever mechanic that uses the track environment to over tune your racer. Sections of the track have coloured boost patches which are either yellow or blue, your job is switch the colour of your racer so that it gains polarity with the colour.

By doing this your racer receives a speed boost or can be thrown upwards from the track to new heights. However not paying attention to polarity will cause your racer to discharge electricity, loose speed and see your opponents hurtle past. This fun mechanic combined with collecting coloured orbs refills your boost tank. When your boost gauge is lit you can engage the overdrive engines.

It is at this point that things become a blur, your brain struggles to process the curves of the track and the HD rumble warns you of paint loss as you clip the track edges.

Game modes – “That’s not racing that HD rubbing”

Fast RMX is game that you will want to play with your friends. Whilst the AI does its job of racing against you it lacks character and the feel of racing against real human opponents. Fast RMX supports 8 player online racing and 2 player split screen racing.

However the real selling point of this game for me is the local wifi multiplayer mode which supports up to 8 players (who need to have their own game copy). Those people that like to compete in an ad hoc way with friends in cafes or at gaming social groups are spoilt for multiplayer options.

As i said earlier this game wants you to race against your friends and show the unconverted how much fun the world of Switch : Fast RMX racing is!

As with its predecessor Fast Neo Racing the HERO game mode returns to FAST RMX. Those who’ve played before will either love or hate this mode. It’s there as a throw back to homage the game play of F-Zero where your boost energy also equals your shield energy. But wait, you don’t have to unlock Hero mode, it’s available after the first race.

This extra game mode changes how you might be used to racing. You have to think about trading paint with the track edges and opponents as your shield and boost ability will deteriorate.

Gameplay – “It’s all in the reflexes!”

When it comes to going fast you just need to know which button is the “go fast” button. You also need to decide when to use your boost or “go faster button” as your boost will eventually run out. Combine this with the twisting gravity defying track circuit and the polarity colour matching strips this game gives both the seasoned racer and the casual racer a good test of your reflexes.

The tracks give a mix of curves and straights but given the game is about going fast there’s more straights that curves. As the pilot of your racer you need to remember if it’s the curves or straights where you go fast. Theres also the boosting temptation to defy gravity and leave the circuit.

This is achievable with the use of boost ramps, but beware the crash detection on returning to circuit sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. On several occasions i felt that i was harshly shown a burning racer wreck when i just missed the edge of the track. In the same way if you fly upwards and off the track you will be quickly teleported back to the track after the passing blur of your opponents.

Overall – “We don’t need another Hero”

Overall the racing experience is a positive one, the game is fast, it looks, feels and delivers fast racing. The game is a positive experience, it not only shows off the graphical and hardware capabilities of the Nintendo Switch to deliver 1080p quality and 60 FPS in both single player and multiplayer modes but it’s a fun game to play.

The pricing of the game is much cheaper than most other launch titles and it’s an eShop download only (just under 1gb) with no physical boxed media version of the game. With lots of tracks, racer variants to unlock, different racing leagues and Hero mode, Fast RMX delivers.

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PEGI Rating: 3+

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