The farm is ripe for the season, the chickens are clucking, and the sky is blue. Our Farming Simulator 2017 review is here, and if you are new to the franchise this review will cover some basics. If you are returning to the franchise you should be able to gauge if this entry is worth the time.

If you want to drive a tractor, this may be the time to do it.

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Sowing The Seeds

The game is broken up into several modes. This initial section will cover a mode I would wholeheartedly recommend you open up first, especially if you are a first time player: the tutorials.

The game breaks down into a life sim, life of a farmer. You are in a first person perspective, but can easily switch between vehicles and tasks (more on this a little later on). The tutorial puts a vehicle in front of you, and walks you through how to use is.

Not that it is that easy. Whilst the basic controls are straight forward enough, the tools require some getting used to. Each has a couple of steps and each has positioning, but the ‘how to’ box is in the corner to prompt you what to do.

This box even remains in the main game.

Each task is done with a specific tool and in the tutorial you are presented with each tool, how to operate it and, when the little tutorial circle fills or you have achieved each step, the game takes you onto the next section.

Feeding The Pigs

Onto the main game now and career is pretty much what you will have already seen in the tutorials. The map is generously big, featuring multiple fields, and all the areas are instantly yours to farm.

That said you will be spending a lot of money.

Farming Simulator 2017 review beastsThe game addresses this with three difficulty settings, for first time players I would recommend the easy setting. The harder settings make conditions and money a much bigger factor. But for experienced players, and returning fans, the more challenging difficulties will give you something to sink your teeth into.

You are dumped into one of two maps which you start with, including a starting budget. Some of the vehicles from the tutorials are available to you immediately, some are not.

You can begin mowing, sowing, dumping to your hearts content. Once in a vehicle, you can set an employee to the task. This will very slowly tick down your income, but free you up to do other tasks.

The game then becomes a ‘resource manager’ sim. You will have to have a look at your map, and find the blue circled areas and collect cash for completing those jobs. These jobs are time sensitive, but allow you to use the tools and earn some cash doing so.

Chopping Some Wood

With complex controls and a definite correlation between hours spent learning in game, and success potential, this game isn’t a ‘pick up and play’ game, but that isn’t a bad thing. In fact this game does exactly what it promises, it delivers a fun, challenging experience with a variety of tools for a myriad of tasks.

Farming Simulator 2017 review action shot

It will make you think, make you learn, but it will also reward you. I felt accomplished when finishing a field and seeing my new crop growing, and using the money to buy more seed or livestock felt like I was generating my own little farm empire.

But this game is definitely one for the long haul. If you like getting stuck into a game with lots to see and do then Farming Simulator may just be the cream of the crop.

Extra Content

Just as a footnote,there is massive support for Mods in this game which are growing online by the day and can really mix things up. Feel free to make your own too if you’re capable!

As the game goes overall, some of the physics mechanics really stood out to be as being really well done. You can balance things, lift up the trucks and cars, and throw stuff and it all works really nicely.

In fact I had a lot of fun in the map just finding little things to do, plus there are hidden golden nuggets to find too.

This game is a long haul, long form, addiction bait game. If it appeals to you, it will be ALL you play, and I really personally like this game and would certainly recommend giving it a try.

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