Dante was revamped for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the new DmC: Devil May Cry back in 2013. The PC version was the most slick of these games with the original suffering from a few frame rate issues that is certainly not what fans of the series expected while the game in itself was very entertaining.

The New DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a 60fps motion rate (mostly) and a full 1080p resolution and while the overall structure of the game hasn’t changed much this gives the game a really improved experience, for new comers to the game this will make it a very thrilling and fun experience. People who’ve played the original game are rewarded with DLC content that they may not have played but there is perhaps not enough to warrant a full re-purchase unless you are a die hard fan.

Look and Feel

The game is super colourful and impressive right off the introduction. You are thrown into the world of DmC and before you know it are in Limbo combating giant demons as the locations around you twist and turn into demonic versions of their real-world selves, full of demons to chop and shoot into pieces.

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Everything looks great here and the added pixel count really does make the game look more detailed than the original on PS3/Xbox 360, the actual characters don’t appear to have been re-modelled however, more just polished with Dante in particular is well designed. There is nothing that stands out here as a wholesale up-scale but certainly a noticeable improvement.

The frame-rate is the biggest win where the lag that could be experienced on the last generation versions at intense moments it for the most part rectified. Combat is much smoother and feels more like the classic Devil May Cry experience. With all of this though there are the odd moment where it all doesn’t seem to work so well, there are boss battles and instances where the play jerks a moment or locations go a little blurred as you move. Other than these brief moments it’s certainly an improvement that makes a difference.

Story & Characters

Limbo City is a strange old place and is all in the hands of demonic creatures that most human’s can’t perceive. The Order (no, not the 1886 ones!) are treated as terrorists but are actually tying to expose the threat from Demons and Dante… well he’s just happy to drink and enjoy the pleasures of life until he starts to piece together his past and becomes motivated to find out more.

The voice acting is very decent and the dark humor in the game will make you smile a number of times, while the actual plot itself isn’t anything you wouldn’t expect there is enough to enjoy with some funny and interesting characters plus some funny references to be found for series fans.

It’s not overly short but at the same time it’s not going to keep you going much more than 9 hours, maybe more if you step that difficulty right up but it’s an entertaining ride that unfortunately ends a little flat but this was the same in the original version.


Of course this is why DmC is loved, the fast combat and style and this is where the game delivers. The added frames per second and resolution make a great impact on player experience with every slash of your sword Rebellion, shots from Ebony and Ivory and the combos just feel so good to pull off.

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Enemy AI is quite tricky on higher difficulty so mashing buttons is certainly not the way to go here, keeping your combo going requires you to time dodges, leaps and strikes with all enemy movement and the sharp controls allow you to do this… unless you mess up of course. What I love about the gameplay in games like DmC and Bayonetta is I always feel like the character I control is super hard and the only reason they get hurt is because I did something wrong and this is the case here.

My only issue here is the boss fights, it was the same before but I just feel that the combat set for the usual enemies does not always work against the boss fight situation and while boss fights should be challenging, in the way they are designed some of the enjoyment from normal combat is lost.

With hardcore mode and turbo mode to play the game on along with some cool skins and options on upgrades there really is a lot to the gameplay of this game and it lives up to expectations even though there is not much of a difference here to people who played it originally but for the faster, more stable combat.


The game is great fun to play it really is, there isn’t too much to the story in itself but the characters are great and will really make you laugh. With the main campaign and the DLC there is a lot to do for someone new to the game but for people playing it before it’s might only be worth getting again if you’re a big fan of the series or haven’t/can’t play the PC version.

Any fan of action games will enjoy DmC and it should be experienced and having enjoyed this game I can safely say I want a true Next Gen game in this universe and if that could involve Bayonetta my head may explode with excitement!

DMC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review Format: PS4

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