Devil May Cry is one of the most popular video game series that Capcom have made. They are my personal favourite developers, for those who don’t know me, I’m a huge Resident Evil fan along with a lover of all things action. So to see this game re-releasing with a HD makeover made me excited to get my hands on Dante and Nero once again and bring you this Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Review.

Devil May Cry has always been an action packed, hack and slash video game. Developed originally by Capcom in 2008, DMC4’s story follows Nero, a demon possessed teenager, whose mission is to stop Dante, the main character, after he assassinates the leader of The Order of the Sword.

Now Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition brings some overhauled graphics, characters and more. Remastering classics such as Resident Evil in the past, has given me a better outlook on remasters. How will DMC4 hold up against the test of time and how good will the remaster quality be?

Look And Feel

The graphics for DMC4 are just spectacular. Current gen is very impressive when it comes to graphics so to take and older game and make it stand out against the new ones is a serious effort.

It looks very realistic, with the characters, the visual effects have been updated really well with some very nice touches and high levels of detail.

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I’ve always loved the look and feel of DMC. games, and in the remaster the characters look very sleek and there’s a lot of detail in everything on screen such as weapons, clothing and of course the character models themselves.

The soundtrack is also great all the way through, even the music on the home screen gives me goosebumps and makes me feel pumped for action and this continues into the game.

If you already love Devil May Cry 4, then the presentation of this new special edition is everything you could hope for. It looks great, runs great and is loaded with playable characters. It’s a beautiful looking game.

Story  & Gameplay

The Story is the usual DMC affair in it’s mix of characters with various powers and unusual goings on with demons. You take the role of Nero, a possessed teenager, who works as a demon hunter for The Order of the Sword, worships a Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, as a God. When Nero goes to the Opera House to see Kyrie, his love interest, perform for The Order of the Sword’s ceremony, The Order’s highest priest, Sanctus is murdered by Dante, the coolest badass ever, who is also the son of Sparda.

Appearing after crashing through the skylight, Kyrie’s older brother Credo, tries to subdue Dante but he is defeated easily. Credo takes Kyrie to safety, leaving Nero, with a promise to return with help. Nero attempts to stall Dante, by tapping into his demon power. Dante is impressed with Nero and his abilities. Before leaving, Dante reveals to Nero that the Holy Knight members he killed, were in fact demons. Credo gives Nero the task to stop Dante in Fortuna Castle.

There is a reasonably rich storyline to follow here, nothing really new on the original game of course. It’s entertaining and keeps you going with some really fun moments, especially some of the scenes following boss fights. But what you are really here for is the gameplay.

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The Devil May Cry series is one that’s addictive and just keeps getting better and better. The constant button bashing, to create combos can be a pain at times and can put people off, but I love the combat in the DMC series. I love the swift movements of the character, between attacking and defending, the skills the character demonstrates are just beautiful. Sometimes it can be a little repetitive but it’s addictive at the same time.

The player controls both Nero and later in the game, Dante, as they fight enemies in close combat using guns, swords, and other weapons. As with the original you are going through the  linear levels taking on missions, solving puzzles and taking on bosses. Gaining different orbs help you along the way with red ones being used to upgrade you and use as currency in the store.

The action sees you taking on waves of demons of course and with Nero you have the cool Devil Bringer that makes for some really different gameplay to getting your hands on Dante. It actually gets to the point were you get so used to using it, when you are not in control of Nero you miss the power it gives you. Taking on demons is scored as you fight and, needless to say, my performance isn’t the best! I usually get a C or a B… but if you mix up your powers and keep those hits coming you’ll do far better than me.

The boss fights in Devil May Cry 4, like originally are both a strength and a weakness. They are epic battles and you really do have to think about how to beat them as you progress with Nero. But he never finishes them of properly and then you take them all on again as Dante and take on their power characteristics. While they are all fun fights with a variety of bosses, it seems poor to repeat the same bosses (not to mention the locations) in a small space of time is a little bit repetitive.

But overall it’s fantastic to play and, I’m not going to be the first lady gamer to admit this, but Dante is a complete badass and is highly attractive. Nero is like a hero with a lot of heart, who prefers working alone. Whereas Dante, is the mercenary with his cocky, quick witted, and dark sense of humor. That plus the fantastic gameplay and interesting story are more than enough reasons to take on Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.


Experiencing Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition was just superb. Capcom have done a great job in releasing a remastered version and I’m usually sceptical about remastered versions of games. But  it was worth the wait and worth playing if you missed the game first time and even if you completed it before, it’s a game that is worth playing through in full HD resolution.

Capcom have been developing a number of classic games into HD remasters and if they are of this quality long may it continue. We wait to see what comes next, and also what’s next for the Devil May Cry series. But for a fast, fun and well excicuted look back at Devil May Cry, this is the perfect game to keep you entertained.

Happy Gaming, Shotty x

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