2006 was ten years ago, can you believe that? I guess if you have a calendar and the ability to add up then it’s not that hard. But it really doesn’t feel like that. I purchased my first Xbox 360 in 2006, with the first half a dozen games I owned including Oblivion, FIFA and a capcom title I knew little about, called Dead Rising. Fast forward to now, and with Dead Rising 4(Review) with us the franchise has multiple ports, is available on many platforms. Although the series remains attached to Xbox Primarily.

The Dead Rising collection then is the first game, Dead Rising 2 & Dead Rising 2: Off the record. Since David reviewed the 4th game, I thought it best to go back and review this classic collection.

The premise of each original game, and the subsequent Xbox One release Dead Rising 3 (which isn’t in this collection) is simple. You play as a survivor in a place overrun by zombies, and you have 72 hours until you can get rescued. In this time you will have a variety of fetch quests and human “psycho” bosses, which exist simply to challenge you.

The games all have a few endings and unlockables (be it costumes or weapons). So…. how do the games hold up? Let’s have a look, and don’t forget to drop me a Disqus or Facebook Comment at the end.


Gameplay in Dead Rising as a franchise has had some tweaks, movement speeds and map size have moved on since DR1, but this game doesn’t feel slow. Combat with the random weapons you will find is fun, and from 2 onwards you can combine weapons.

The zombies do shamble, but they can become a challenge if you aren’t paying enough attention to your surroundings. The real challenges of these games are the late game/post game and (most notably in DR1) the boss fights, which even now can be a real test.


The plot of Dead Rising as a franchise is a bit silly, a lot tongue in cheek, and very much second place to the mayhem you will face in the mall/strip.

The plot for DR2 does suffer the most, due to the fact you need to always return to Katey for her Zombrex. But this (again) is secondary.


Of the Dead Rising games in this collection, DR1 is the hardest, DR2 has a very difficult late game, and Off The Record (OTR) is somewhere throughout. The difficulty however isn’t actually as off putting as in some games, as the progression you make can be bolstered in death, meaning stats and perks you’ve unlocked aren’t lost.

Additionally 2 and OTR are co-op driven, meaning a more experienced buddy could jump in and help you!


Dead Rising Collection Review 2The textures throughout this game, look dated as hell. The frame rates behaves for the most part, but my experience of OTR especially was tainted a little by the same bugs I had seen in the previous release of the game.

The zombies are still numerous, and the experience overall does seem smoother than I recall the original outings being.

So where does this leave us?

As you have probably guess I am a Dead Rising fan, I will, literally defend the franchise in a fight (if I had to) but the problem with this port, is much the same as the issue I had with the [PROTOTYPE] ports (another franchise I love, for the record).

These games have simply been moved onto discs to work with the new hardware, no real work has gone into the glaring cosmetic shortfalls, but the flip side here (as with the aforementioned [PROTOTYPE]) the games are still great fun.

The other thing of note, if the XB1/PS4 are your first console, then the chance to play these classics on your chosen platform is great. The other great piece of trivia of note, the games can be bought separately.

So, if you played 2 & OTR on the PS3 and fancied playing the first one you (finally) can if you’ve migrated to PS4.

This package is a mixed bag, and openly highlights the deficit of work companies are prepared to do to re release content on modern devices.

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