There’s a lot of first-person shooters out there. Here in this Dead Alliance review we find out if this is a great, or more the shambling corpse of one. Going into I had to wonder can it deliver a unique, gripping, first person shooter experience, or is it already among the walking dead?

Developed by Illfonic and Published by Maximum Games for Xbox one, PS4 and PC, this first person shooter is online only (depending on version) and pits teams of players against each other in objective based online, of in free for all battle royals, and throws in zombies for good measure!

Check out my thoughts on this game below, where you’ll find a title with many good ideas. Sadly, the execution of those is rather lacking.

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How does it play?

Dead alliance is pretty standard shooter fair in terms of attempted gameplay, put bullets into enemies and make them dead, it’s pretty simple. It does also offer some customisation options as well as entirely new ideas for the genre.

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For example, you can deploy a grenade that sends a zombie into a frenzy to attack enemies, or a different kind of grenade attracts zombies to a specific enemy caught in its funky boom (think boomers from left 4 dead).

But unfortunately the gameplay ideas are just that, ideas. They execution of this game is an absolute mess. Hit boxes and AI movements are buggy and annoying at the best of times, with the guns MORE EFFICIENT when shot without aiming.

Player movement is good, but when you start moving, the drop-in, drop-out of graphics and enemies is ridiculously obvious, and not only that, but more often than not you will find the markers above an enemies head doesn’t load until they are shooting at you, if it loads at all.

So good luck spotting your team mates, not that you are likely to have many, most of the games i got into were padded out with bots.

Presentation and Graphics

The game plays badly, I think I touched on poor graphical performance, but the outdated visuals here aren’t all that bothering, the zombies, mostly look generic and copy pasted, and not only that but the assets in game had awful textures.

The menu is super basic, which could work if the game had more than its arbitrary quick play mode, and customisation menu.

Main Features

The game breaks into a few distinct parts: Quick match, private game, and single player but only with the premium upgrade – my advice on that is, don’t bother. More on that later.

The quick game option will drop you into one of the game modes for the online, where as private game will let you choose, your team will be given an objective of capturing a flag, or most kills win, and you play to a timer.

Largely, my experience was either team death match or capture the flag. Both of which quickly became unbalanced, and with bots swapped in for players who bailed, the game becomes a case of most patient players winning, as the AI on the bots is largely predictable and bad.

Single player allows you to play the game versus the AI on normal or hard, which is nice, but redundant. Or a ‘survival mode’ where you stand in a circle that heals you, until it moves, then you move, and it heals you, whilst you shoot zombies.

Or one hit kill them with your knife.

Additional features

The game having a premium on its single player, is a joke, and not even a good one. Its single player is so after thought it isn’t funny.

Additionally, the customisation options are okay, but take so much replay to unlock anything good, it kind of isn’t worth when the game isn’t delivering on its promise.

Should I play this?

Okay, so, here’s the thing, this game is a mess.

I can’t even begin to explain how painful it is for me to say that, having taken a brief two-month hiatus from games reviews, I wanted something positive, so I really tried to like this game.

What is so frustrating is that this game, at least, has a few decent ideas, but the execution is so inexcusably bad.

I really can’t explain it. Please, don’t buy this game unless it gets some MASSIVE overhauls, if it does I will re-review it, as I can see some real potential here.

Gamers who should…

First person shooter fans, specifically fans of games like left 4 dead, call of duty’s zombie mode, and zombie army trilogy.

Although, only if you are growing embittered by those franchises.

Gamers who probably shouldn’t…

Gamers who don’t want to lose the will to live.

But seriously, don’t come into this expecting a super tight FPS game, it’s very much a title that needs further development to get better.

Similar games…

I mean conceptually, Left 4 dead, zombie army trilogy, dead island. All conceptually similar. But this game doesn’t deserve comparisons, it is honestly not great.

The GoodThe BadThe Bugs
Conceptual ideasPoor gameplayBalancing issues
Average GraphicsAiming
Online play issuesHit boxes
Drop ins/Outs

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