Conan Exiles is a third person, action survival, game based in the Conan universe. Player’s will need to craft, collect, combat and build. Developed by Funcom you for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, this game is one of the many survival games out there.

The game is set in a harsh, desolate land, with more to it than meets the eyes, but is it another game with too much ambition, and too little focus?

How Does Conan Exiles play?

Picking up and using everything you can get your hands on, navigating the (admittedly cluttered) menus will allow you to unlock new things you can build, allow you to build them if you have the requisite materials.

Combat is fun, yet challenging, individual enemies can be dealt with, using patience and precision and well time dodge rolls, but watch that stamina, as this game takes no prisoners in any respect. Build a stone sword, learn metal work, eat grubs, bugs, eggs, even human flesh.

The game is a balance of materials and food and water, making sure your character doesn’t get too hot, doesn’t starve, and does die in combat.

However, this game is punishing in all aspects, with difficulty settings aplenty, even a customisable experience for solo, co-op and online modes.

Presentation and Graphics

The menus are the only let down in an otherwise excellent game, aesthetically this game is stunning, every detail and material feels alive, monsters and human enemies feel imposing and threatening, learning to do certain skills, however, can be a bit confusing, as it isn’t always clear what the menu wants you to do.

Other than this, there was only the odd stutter when online with a lot happening around me, but this is to be expected.

Main Features

You’ll spend most of your time collecting materials, making weapons and tools, then collecting more materials, then making more useful stuff, it was around the time I made a bench for making armour, that I realised just how deep the crafting mechanics run.

For example, to create a piece of leather armour, you need to create a piece of padding first, then add that to more materials to that padding to make the armour.

And this process is true of many higher level items – meaning that if you want to thrive, rather than survive, you will need to invest a fair bit of time into the journey, which is a step by step level up guide.

You have a single player mode, which drops you in the game world, alone but for the AI, a co-op mode where you and friends can buddy up to play the game, a PvE mode where you and other players on your server are in world, but not against each other, just against the elements and the AI, and the PvP mode, which is a free for all style bloodbath, everything can, and will want you to shuffle off your mortal coil.

I played a bit in the PvE servers and helped build some huts on a shore, on to see my teams mates had annoyed a local sea turtle monster thing, and frankly, I ran for my life. I never knew if they made it!

Additional features

Character customisation is also in this game, and I just wanted to point that out separately, the game is an 18, and deserves that for all the violence and cannibalism, I am not entirely sure why one of the customisation options is breast size and…. endowment, no really, really… yes.

I don’t mind, but there are also full nudity servers, which seems a bit much.

Should You Play Conan Exiles?

I genuinely recommend Conan Exiles, the combat is fun, and the survival elements, although sometimes very harsh, are easy enough to get the hang of, and with higher difficulties and the PvE and PvP modes, this game offers a lot to enjoy.

Gamers who will suit this game…

If you like survival games like Minecraft, 7 days to die, rust, all those and you like combat-heavy games, then this is for you, you’ll have hours of collecting and building and trial and error, so it will keep you very busy, and plus, who hasn’t wanted to dictate the size of their… manliness?


The GoodThe BadThe Bugs
It’s beautifulCluttered menusFrame Rate issues
intuitive combatunclear instructions 
lots to learn and do  

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