Your Chariot Awaits… as does our Chariot Review here on MGL. The king is dead, the kingdom mourns, you and your friend are tasked with putting the king to rest, once a resting place is selected your king is ready to be given his proper burial…

That is until the King’s ghost tells you that this spot isn’t good enough!

This is where the game leads you on a whimsical and fun adventure through caves, mazes, puzzles and gems to ultimately give the king the burial he truly deserves. This is a wonderful indie game by Firma Originals, the story behind it all might be on the weak side but beautiful visuals, fantastic gameplay combined with so much to do, really do make Chariot something worth taking notice of.

Will you succeed, can your friendship take it? Where do they keep those ropes? All this and more, check out our official review below.

Look & Feel

Chariot is a 2D platformer with a rich, vibrant colours, lots of very shiny bits, but just enough darkness (albeit tongue in cheek) to give you the feeling of a world built to visually stagger


The character sprites are well delivered and the visual representations of the sound of the chariot bouncing off of stuff (more on this later) are a well received addition to this very visually generous game.

Even little things that I loved, like the way that the bats eyes glow in their chasms, or the way light trickles in from crevices high above, this game is lovingly detailed, and it made this gamer happy.


Story & Gameplay

What is interesting, and will probably win you over about Chariot, is just how easy it is to play, I have to note that I got this game when it came out via Games with Gold, I played it briefly then, and have since come back to it to give it a more solid play through

On returning I didn’t feel the need to refresh the buttons as they are pretty natural throughout, from the mechanics of snapping your rope to the chariot from a ledge above, to pulling up or lowering rope, from the use of a single player to coordinating a second player to help

The controls work, really well.

What I also touched on before is the bat like thief creatures, they are attracted to noise, so being able to see the sound waves and being able to monitor your progress through sections as part of a team can be both rewarding and hilarious.

So, the king’s ghost wants you to refill his coffers and bury his corpse elsewhere, it is fairly original, however, with little else to learn, but for the twee and silly dialogue of the talking skeleton on the level select and upgrades screen, there isn’t anything really in the way of plot development.

However, this map is where most of the games secondary content exists, speed runs, challenges and upgrades aplenty here, and as such the game goes deeper if you so wish, but can be beaten with a bit of coordination and patience.

One thing I did take away as a negative is the lack of ‘One Player’ acknowledgement, there is a lot of this game that is easier and more fun with two rather than one, as this was the design of the thing, but frequently I was finding myself coming short of a time or score, because I couldn’t do those routes and sections reserved for two.

But putting that aside I never felt overwhelmed, although there were times the bat things were very, very annoying.


In terms of stuff that made me giddy, in that way that cool, fun and infuriating mechanisms in gaming make us all giddy, there are some in Chariot that are both very clever, visually appealing, and slightly mind boggling.

Life paths and death rails, these opposites need just a moments explanation, the life paths can only be crossed by the living, i.e. the players, adversely the death rails can only be traversed by the chariot itself, this affords puzzle solving that will require you and the chariot to move on separate levels of the screen, which also requires slightly more coordination in cooperative mode, and a little bit of forward thinking in single player.

I referenced the annoying bat things, they are one of the many things that will dumbfound you in your quest for all the shiny stuff, you see shiny booty (and we all like booty) is magnetized to the chariot, the thieving bat things are intent on stealing the shiny shiny.

They can be avoided by avoiding sound, but this won’t always be possible and will require you to use the simple button mashing combat to progress, and frankly will usually be easier to batter than avoid in some cases.


Chariot is a big game, big enough anyway, whilst I don’t always have the best attitude towards platforming games, I genuinely found myself enjoying Chariot, however, I kind of found that the break-up of levels with the hub map and upgrades counter killed some of its momentum and honestly I would rather the game be like super meat boy in the respect that the hub world can be accessed freely, but you have the option to hop straight into the next world.

But these are minor quibbles, I found Chariot to be a fun game, and that’s the thing that matters, so really if you like to game and need something that is a steadily building challenge, that can be done, with the right level of patience, then Chariot is for you.

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