Brawlout pays homage to well known Nintendo franchise of Smash Bros or Smash as its often referred to as. Bringing out a clone of a very popular game with cult following on a new platform before the actual game is released is a very gutsy move by Angry Mob games.

The styling of Brawlout attempts to deliver the fighting fun and action to the Nintendo Switch.  Stay tuned though my review fighting sports fans whilst I discuss the first SSB styled multiplay fighting game to hit the Nintendo Switch.

How does Brawlout play?

A new challenger appears, Brawlout is an adequate Smash clone delivering some familiar aspects.  Brawlout offers 4 player local and online brawling with a fresh new set of characters.

For all strict purposes Brawlout delivers the punch, but one that I cant help feeling is a bit of a low punch.  There are a range of colourful characters to play with relatively generic movesets which are borrowed from Smash, in particular I liked the 2 unique characters that come from other games.

The Drifter from hyper light drifter and Juan Aguacate from Guaccamelee have all their unique move sets and are fun to play.  They feel a bit more polished that the other characters and I did wonder if thats because I felt at home with the familiar moves they have.

Some of the other characters are a bit of a mix-mashup of moves that seem to lack any distinction.  The game controls are simple to use and very quickly you can hammer out melee combos with the goal being to remove your opponents from the stage.

Trading Blows

As you deal damage you trade blows and you receive damage, this creates rage in your character which allows special moves to be used with the bonus of 100% rage bar providing  elevated defence and damage for short period of time.

The key to success is the careful use of rage to damage / remove your opponents, break out of melee combos and to avoid yourself being booted off the screen into oblivion.

Brawlout works and delivers a fun game, which in my opinion needs a bit of polish and character balancing to make it shine.

Presentation and Graphics

The characters in Brawlout are a cross between animals and people and have a pseudo cartoon style.

Brawlout runs in 1080p in docked and handheld mode and during my time playing i did notice a few stutters and slow downs when playing in local multiplayer and against the AI controlled players.

Given thats there a lot going on in the game for the majority of the time Brawlout runs very smoothly. Its as much fun in tabletop mode with friends as it is on a big screen.  It looks nice and will have cross game appeal to different gamers.

Main Features

There are several ways to play Brawlout, you can either play in single player mode against AI controlled opponents or pick a arcade tower option thats very reminiscent of Mortal Combat.  I partially liked the tutorial mode which will be particularly useful for new players and fans of Smash wishing to get to grips with Brawlout quickly.

There is also multiplayer mode in online and local which supports unto 4 players, which is fewer than Smash allows.  The main progression in the game is build around unlocking stages and other playable characters.  These are unlocked by completing fighting related challenges which reward currency in the form of gems and coins.

Whilst this game doesn’t use micro transactions of real money I can honestly say it will take a while to unlock everything.  In terms of longevity and replay value theres a lot of bang for your buck in Brawlout.  With lots of characters to unlock, move sets to learn and master this game will keep you interested for a while.

But it’s not Smash!

Ok so its not Smash, we’ve established that.  It has some of the features but at this point I need to discus what it doesn’t have just incase you came to this review looking for a hit of smash nostalgia.

The battle brawl modes have managed to distill the very essence of competitive play.  The levels don’t have any items to use like Smash does and if you’ve played any competitive matches you will recognise the stock and timed modes of gameplay.

The characters themselves need a bit of rebalancing and some possibly some more diverse move sets as they are replicated considerably.

For me Brawlout works, it brings some of the best bits of Smash to the Switch, which is something that Nintendo currently hasn’t done.  For that reason, I have to point out the obvious that many people will compare it, buy it and play it until the real Smash arrives.

I guess time will tell with Brawlout, its works but will it remain being played or become forgotten once Smash comes to the Switch?

Should You Play Brawlout?

Game Name review - MGL Common Rating

Its an action multiplayer brawling, fighting Smash Bros clone, if you haven’t heard of Smash and the your new to Nintendo with the Switch being a new console to you, then give Brawlout a try.

Gamers who will suit this game…

Fans of Smash will enjoy this fix of brawling action on the Switch

If you don’t fighting games then you should look probably look elsewhere.

Round up table

The GoodThe BadThe Bugs
FunSlow down affects gameplaySlow down
Indie style Smash BrosSome poor charactersGame Crashes
Nice worldsMultiplayer issues

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