Telltale continue their Batman series with more twists and turns for both The Bat and Bruce. Here I have my final Batman The Enemy within episode 2 review to share at last. With all the reviews going on right now it’s hard to keep up, but I do enjoy getting back to this alternative Batman universe.

Once again we are back in the situation where we have to balance Bruce Wayne and Batman, but with the added twist that Batman himself is been pulled in different ways thanks to the introduction of Waller in this series.

With what happened at the end of episode one, The Bat finds himself in a sticky situation with her. Plus, the odd John Doe is up to something and we are introduced to a favourite character in DC: Harley Quinn.

Before you go any further, you should feel safe since there are no Episode 2 Spoilers here. But be warned, there are some spoilers for Episode One (review here) and the Previous Series. So if you have not played episode one don’t read on any further!

Since the overall feel of the series is covered in my previous review, I’ll just be focusing on the content of episode 2 here. Got that? Great, let’s head to Gotham.

Gordon VS Waller

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 2 review gordon image

In the first episode we received a rather long introduction to the series with a very meaty edition. I enjoyed it too, with all the action and the use of The Riddler done to great effect.

But there was a key formula working in the series early where it was measuring your relationship between Batman and James Gordon. And then setting that against a new character coming into the piece, Amanda Waller who fans of Suicide Squad will be aware of.

Right at the end of the last episode though she drops the big reveal: she knows Batman is Bruce Wayne.

This leaves you in a rather tricky position of having to do what she wants you to, or everything is under threat for Bruce. It was a nice twist and leads to an interesting dilemma into the second episode where you are making choices to report things to Gordon or Waller.

It makes the relationships feel even more meaningful in the story as a result. I’m very positive in my relationship with Gordon, but I did what I was asked with Waller. Not everyone will make that choice, but that does give those decisions a feeling of impact when you need to make them.

Not only is there this relationship, but there continue the Alfred conversations which may well be different based on your previous choices in series one. Plus, the rather painful situation with Lucius Fox’s daughter, Tiffany also makes a difference here.

I’m enjoying this angle so far and episode 2 expands these relationships nicely.

John Doe brings friends

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 2 review Joker image

As promised in the build up, we finally see Harley Quinn in the series. It’s a fine performance too, she’s clever yet very much unhinged and dangerous. You have a very well done scene play out in this episode that’s totally dominated by her character and performance.

But there is more, you get to meet the entire array of people working with Joker and Harley too with some familiar faces.

During the episode are you get a good amount of action too with the usual QTE events coming into play. This all happens around this gang as you once again face a few tough choices.

Another step forward

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 2 review harley quinn image

Once again the episode had very little in the way of glitches or errors. Only a few edits loaded a bit choppy around different choices, but even then it’s quite smooth. Compared to season 1, the performance is a huge step forward.

As the story goes it might not be as impactful as episode 1 but it did introduce a number of great characters. The final moments again hook you on to playing the next episode when it comes around.

So far it’s everything the first season was in a much more technically proficient game. If this continues in this way I’ll be very happy at the steps forward the series makes.

I’ll be back with further episode reviews like this one as we progress the series. Once the series is complete, I will review in it’s entirety. Right now though, I think this is shaping up to be one of Telltale’s best series to date. The gameplay is solid and the performance of the game is so much better this time, roll on episode 3!

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