I have finally returned to Telltale’s Batman series following the busy gaming schedule recently with both the PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards going on. This time we follow on from my personal favourite episode to date in Episode 3 New World Order. So I went into this Batman: Guardian of Gotham review with high hopes.

Unfortunately it didn’t continue where the last episode left off in terms of quality.

Here you’ll find a review latest episode with No Spoilers for this episode as ever. Although I do discuss one choice a little bit due to a slight flaw in the story. There are Spoilers for Episode 3, since if you are reading this I expect you’ve played to that point by now.

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Story – A Joker In The Pack

Well, I was blown away last episode,  totally twisted by the revelation of Lady Arkham. It made sense though, and it was a well planned twist to make Vickie Vale a villain.

She’d been in all the main situations throughout the game so far, but I’d not really thought about it. Now I have it all fits into place. Good job Telltale!

Guardian of Gotham Review jokerWhat’s been great about the story so far is how this series had turned a few things around. It’s purposely made us question what the Batman story here is because it’s not traditional. Relationships are very different and Bruce himself is struggling with revelations of his family’s past.

This episode continues that twisting nature as the Joker is introduced to us. Following on from the end of the previous episode, the drug takes its effects on you. You go mad as everyone else has, beating up Oswald Cobblepot to “within an inch of his life”. Remember that quote!

This is according to someone at Arkham Asylum where you end up following this attack. Why bring that up you ask? I’ll go it since it involves a tiny Spoiler so I’ll leave that to the end of this section.

The plot to this episode sees you making your way out of Arkham. Meeting some classic Batman villains along the way, with Joker part of the reason you manage to get out. What they do with him is a nice twist on the Joker-Batman relationship. One that will most likely come back for the next season of this game should one be announced.

This whole setup for the episode was good.

But later in the game there is more being Bruce. In fact we got back to being Bruce a little too much once again. As with the first episode review, which I explained why I don’t want to play “The Bruce Wayne Telltale series”, this one is similar. But there is a choice over a scene as who you will approach a situation as, Bruce or Batman, so naturally I got into the Batsuit.

Here is the mild Spoiler I will discuss.

(Skip to the Gameplay Heading if you don’t want to read here.)

But there is a choice at the end that can see you challenging Oswald Cobblepot. The choice itself is quite a decent one but the plot makes no sense. Oswald seems fine, and you fight with him. Yet you were in Arkham for beating him senseless that same day. And, suit or no suit, you are still a highly skilled fighter.

It could have been a misleading comment from the people in Arkham but either way, nothing was explained here. I personally felt it spoiled the flow. Overall it was a good episode in places, but the overall delivery is a step down from last time out.


Once again the gameplay and flow of the story is spoiled by the jerkiness of the game. The technical issues are no better and must really be improved on for the future games they produce. It also seems worse later in the series where your choices have to be built into the cutscenes. But whatever happens next for this series, the next Walking Dead Adventure needs to be better.

Guardian of Gotham Review AlfredIn terms of control there is more of the same here. There is another, rather brutal investigation and some good QTE style action. The choices given feel big and like they will make a difference to your experience. The decision you make in the previous episode as Fox has an impact on a few things, particularly you suit and you ability to move around certain locations.

Conversations and voice acting is again great with Troy Baker doing a good job of stopping me being bored of Bruce. The other cast do play their part too and it’s all very well performed.


It’s a good enough episode to get us ready for the finale. Right now, there are a lot of things going on to be concluded in the final episode. I am still to be convinced which way it will all go in the end.

Both in terms of story outcomes and the overall quality of the series end.

One part of the story lets it down here but there are a lot of enjoyable moments in the game so it’s certainly enough to get you ready to see how it all ends for Bruce on December 13.

Check out the scores below and prepare for a review as early as possible next week for both the final episode and a spoiler free series review.

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