It’s time to get a bit crazy with the latest game from the Saints Row developers Volition in this Agents of Mayhem review in progress. Games do sometimes arrive and surprise you and catch you totally off guard. But this open world action-adventure for PS4, Xbox One and PC is EXACTLY what you would expect of a Volition and Deep Silver combo.

There is lots of explosive action, a ton of laughs and very predictable but fun open world gameplay. If you are a lover of Saints Row and were a little disappointed this wasn’t a new game in that franchise, don’t worry. Agents of Mayhem has all the laughs, action and some interesting features of its own.

As I continue my time with the game I will expand this into a full review. But so far I can certainly recommend it to fans of the developer and gamers out for some fun. It’s also the perfect game to launch our new review system with given it’s “love it or hate it” persona.

Please note: as a review in progress this will be updated with more content. Only full reviews will receive the new MGL Awards on the review content.

Side Quest

Before you read on we always want you involved in our reviews gamers, particularly in this new layout we are trying. Since this is a crazy super hero game with over the top characters, I have one question…

“What would you be if you had super powers?

Would you be the hero, saving the day? The Anti-hero out for themselves? Or turn bad and be a super villain?”

Get in the Disqus or Facebook Comments at the end of the review. And please share this so other gamers can get involved, and enjoy the review.

How does it play?

To answer that question directly, this is a game all about gameplay. It’s fast, fun and all about chaos and destruction. Honestly, you will find it hard to stop when you get going even if there are many things in the game you will have played before.

You are controlling Agents of MAYHEM, as the title suggests. These are heroes that have different skill sets which you control mostly in a squad of 3. Each of which you can swap between on the fly as they beam in and out. The other 2 are not in the play with you however, only the selected character is out there shooting the majority of the time.

There are some special missions for certain heroes however where you have to be just them. I really enjoyed this, it gets you used to them and their skills to decide who you want in your squad. I’m usually one for the faster characters in games so the main hero Fortune is really cool to control with her dual pistols, as is unlockable hero Rama who has a bow and arrow.

The best part of this is the characters all feel different to play. The bigger characters feel meaty and pack a big impact, the lighter ones are very agile and weapon range also plays a good part here. It’s a lot of fun just playing as different heroes so far and it’s a definite plus point to the game there are so many options.

Things that go BOOM!

Volition games are known for explosions and all out action. It soon brings both of these in the introduction and the early missions too. There are lots of enemies to shoot, things to blow up and some of it wraps into the comedy element of the story too.

One part of the introduction made me laugh as Hollywood, the celebrity actor/super hero character, gets you blowing up a dark matter reactor. Your team mates shout at you for being so stupid and to try and stop it… you do so by blowing up more things and “poking the bear”.

Generally, the play is a nice balance of fun, action and comedy. Getting around is entertaining too as you call or occupy cars by beaming into them. There are lots of distractions in the open world of Seoul too with plenty of fun activities to do, even if they are a little generic “open world game” type missions.

The light RPG elements make the game extra deep for me though. Status effects and critical hits are all here plus the hero levelling are all reasons to keep playing and getting more bonuses.

A few bugs so far have got in the way at times in the gameplay, particularly the camera getting stuck behind things. My other concern at this stage is variety, hopefully things don’t get too bogged down and repetitive in nature. The ability to change heroes should help this as already I want to unlock more.

Presentation and Graphics

The game has some really nicely presented menus and options. The colourful, cell shaded graphics really work for the game too. Some nicely animated anime scenes break up the in game cut sequences, plus there is the cool design of this futuristic open world.

Agents of Mayhem Review image 2The depth to the graphics may be a concern to some gamers. It’s nice and suits the game but it’s not going to be considered anything to really test the capabilities of the PS4 or Xbox One. Never mind a high end PC or the PS4 Pro.

That said Agents of Mayhem doesn’t need amazing graphics, it needs things that work with its style of gameplay. And it really delivers with the effects, sound and comedy voice acting.

Blowing things up looks great, as do the effects of things that spark, glow and well… explode with glowing sparks! The comic book cell shaded effects look great and nothing so far offends me. While at the same time, little is particularly special in the graphics department either.

Other than the bugs mentioned with the camera there are some traditional ones with open world gaming. Things get stuck, certain collision detection goes a bit funny at times but it’s actually quite stable overall. This is based on a pre-release version so most things that could be improved are likely to get patched at some point.

So far nothing major but I will update you as the review gets more complete later this week.

Main Features

The main reason to play Agents of Mayhem is for some open-world single player action. But there is a really good action-RPG element to the game too. Plus the story is one of traditional super-heroes versus super villains.

As Agents of a team of heroes called MAYHEM, you take on the intentions of Dr Babylon in what is as cheesy-a-plot as you can imagine. But it works thanks to some rather ridiculous characters. These are by far the best part of the game so far.

All the Heroes, Hollywood, Fortune and Hardtack are your first three but soon you can unlock more. Special missions do this and they are the ones I’ve enjoyed most so far. The Johnny Gat one in particular was pretty fun to play and had some comedy moments too.

Concerns so far

My concern with this focus so far is how it’s all about the heroes while the villain, other than being a bad dude, isn’t really doing much. I hope this changes as I progress but a great comic book story is not complete without a great villain.

Still, so far it’s been entertaining. Lots of missions with funny voice acting will keep single player gamer fans happy. It’s a shame some of the back and forth dialogue sometimes has too long of a gap between talking, again something to patch in future.

Overall it’s pretty feature rich for a single player only game. The story has promise but the characters so far are the best element of this game.

Should I play this?

Here we go, totally new section and NO SCORES as our review system goes a different direction. But so far I am loving Agent’s of Mayhem from a personal point of view. I’m playing with a smile on my face and having a number of laugh out loud moments with the funny dialogue.

While at the same time, graphically it’s only ok and the story in terms of a real villain still needs to convince me.

It’s all built around fun and the action which will work for many gamers. Particularly fans of Saints Row. It won’t be for everyone but it’s one to consider for open world action fans.

Please note this is a review in progress and subject to change!

Gamers who should play Agents of Mayhem

Want single player? Lots of shooting and a nice sandbox full of missions to do? Then I recommend this one to you, particularly if you have liked and Saints Row games so far. It’s one for the more light-hearted action gamer really. One who doesn’t mind doing similar things over and over to get some bonuses and better gear.

The RPG elements add depth too but don’t slow down the action.

Gamers who probably shouldn’t…

If you really want a serious action-adventure with strong story elements and stunning graphics you are not going to find it here. The action is rather fast paced too, the action is not cover or steal based. So it’s not one for those who like a more realistic, tactical  game where you have to be more strategic.

Similar games…

Of course this is very similar to Saints Row series games but adds its own twist on things. Some of the missions reminded me of Infamous games too although not as polished as something from Sucker Punch.

The GoodThe BadThe Bugs
Fantastic Hero charactersPoor camera at timesOpen world bugs: things getting stuck or just hovering around
Genuinely funnyCould become overly repetitiveSome pop-in
Great action     –Too long between talking in some conversations
Lots to do      –Camera gets stuck behind things in the environment

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