After taking on the first part of this news series, I was fighting with myself to not carry on right away it was so good. But, with my Part One Review written up, I soon picked up the controller for some more The Walking Dead. I was ready to pick up where the first episode just left things after such a dramatic finish. As I went into this A New Frontier Ties That Bind Part 2 review, I was left very pleased Telltale Games released them together.

It would have been one hell of a painful cliff-hanger otherwise! My thoughts on this second episode are below for you but READ ON NO MORE IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED PART ONE!

As ever, there will be no major spoilers for the current episode. However, each review is written expecting anyone reading to have played to this point. Therefore There Will Be Spoilers for the previous episode.

Got that? If you feel happy then carry on, and don’t forget to Share with fellow gamers on social media and let me know what you think of this episode on the Disqus Comments below the reviews.

Story – The New Frontier

Well I was shocked at the closing of the last episode. Mouth wide open with a serious, “Oh no you didn’t!” look on my face. That moment Javier’s niece went down was really shocking yet at the same time a brilliant move. It really got the emotions going and made me realise how connected I’ve become to these new characters already.

With the aftermath of the brutal attack you face some serious problems now. Emotionally Javi is distraught after Mariana’s assassination and has to dispose of her body. But he’s also worried about Kate, who is in critical condition following the shooting.

Depending on your choice at the end may make things slightly different for you, but the game starts off with everything in a bad way. Then there is the aftermath of the information Clementine knows with the group going by the name, The New Frontier.

Not very nice people and ones determined to get justice for their own people lost in the fight.

Very little time is given to get over the death of Mariana or worry for Kate as things go from bad to worse rapidly in this episode. Your decisions also become pretty tough at times with some flash back moments to open up more on Javi and Clementine which over good insight.

Once again the story is well acted and the scenes are wonderfully portrayed. The only thing this episode lacked was the surprise factor. There were a number of action-packed moments here, really well done ones too. But the twists and turns were a bit more predictable in this episode and lost a bit of the surprise factor part one had.

Even the cliffhanger was an inevitability from my point of view, although it’s still a good one.

Gameplay – Making The Right Choice

While the last episode was good in terms of gameplay, I felt this one really put you in a good mix of situations and really made you feel your choices. There were some big ones to make for Javi all the way though and they really made you think.

Even something small, like a few flashback moments with Clementine or Javi seem to make high impact decisions for the future.

There is some real drama in this episode that I personally think was done very well. While the story itself was overly predictable compared to episode one, the gameplay did a great job. Confutations with Walkers, people and the first real puzzle solving moment made for a really enjoyable episode to play.

Quick time events, timed conversations and some big choices make for the main gameplay elements in this one. The fact the episode is so dramatic really helps this moving and bring a sense of urgency when you are in control.

While there is nothing particularly new here it’s all very well done and really enjoyable to play once again.


The series has started off on a very big high. I really am enjoying the new characters and seeing Clementine come in with some mystery as to what she has been doing for the time spent between the last series and this one. She’s integral to Telltale’s work here but the new characters are also proving a really good hit.

I have enjoyed it and am awaiting the news of more which we’ll bring on MGL once the confirmation off the release is revealed.

Until then, get this game played it’s looking an essential for Telltale Games fans. Check out my scores below and let me know what you think of the game in the Comments at the end of the review.

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