Our review policy is a simple one, we want to help you find the right games for you. To do that we can promise to always be honest, objective and detailed with our game reviews.

While in the past we have gone with traditional reviews, from 2017 we moved away from traditional review scores.

This was after some research we conducted to make our reviews the best out there. Because of what came back, we moved away from scoring and went for the things gamers told us they find most helpful. Check out the results down the page.

Now for 2018 we have updated our reviews to something a bit different that focuses on the two things that matter: the game and the gamer.

Rarity review system

Scores have been around since games began but, now games are not static. They patch, update and even evolve into something far more than they began. How do you measure that in a score? Does it go up by 0.1 per bug fix?

Here is one reason why we moved away from scoring based on our research down the page. After getting more feedback from last year we have turned our game reviews into a loot style experience.

Each game will have a “Rarity” rating from Elite, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Common and Junk.

These descend from games you expect to be getting exceptionally high scores to ones you really want to avoid. Check out the infographic below for details on the Rarity Review System.

MGL rarity review system infographic - Review Policy

The review content

We know you want details of the game in the review content. After all, that’s what you told us! So we break down our reviews into 3 sections.

  • Gameplay – the core of the experience drawing on what you will be doing in the game, what mechanics work and what don’t. Plus, controls and anything that makes the game stand out from the rest.
  • Presentation and graphics – here we look at the games visuals, sound, voice acting if applicable and the overall presentation of the title.
  • Main Features – Here we look at the main reasons to play the game such as the story mode, multiplayer features or other key elements if the title and if they are worth your time

Our round-up at the end is designed to pull all the separate elements together to show the game as a whole. But, if you don’t quite have the time to read everything, the introduction and summary together should give you an idea of the quality of the game.

Lastly we have two things we found gamers really wanted:

  • The type of gamer the game will suit – here we personalise the review so that you can understand if the game really is for you, even if it’s generally positive. We understand one person’s 10/10 game is another’s avoid like the plague game. Here we will hopefully make that clear.
  • The good, the bad and the bugs – our round-up table showcases the pros, cons and any bugs we find during the review. While these may be fixed, we’ll note them down so you can check if these are still present at the time you buy.

Video reviews

Don’t worry! Gamers made it very clear they want more video and we are doing our best to accommodate.

With a small team we can’t video review every game but we will do as many as we can. Especially for the major releases.

These will follow the same structure of the standard reviews with Gameplay, Presentation and Main Features each having a section on our YouTube videos. Plus the same summary and breakdown of the gamers it suits.

Of course, you can expect a Rarity Rating here too.


We asked a number of gamers from members of MGL to people on social media and some face-to-face.

To improve our reviews we wanted to know what people found the most helpful and we found some interesting feedback.

Most gamers want detailed content in either the written form or video reviews. So that’s why we built our structure the way we have. It was also clear you want a breakdown of the pros and cons and if the game is likely to suit you.

Given the score came in at just 6% helpful to the gamers we spoke to, and we found it particularly tricky given patching games and personal preference, we decided to drop scores entirely.

I mean, how many times have you played a game with a poor review score and found you actually really liked it? Or played a game over 9/10 that just didn’t work for you?

Finally, user feedback is also really high on your list. We at MGL are independent and basically a group of gamers who love gaming enough to make a website about it. But you, the visitor on the site are just as key.

This is why at the end of every review we want your thoughts and experiences of the game being reviewed. We have both Disqus and Facebook comments to make it super easy to share your thoughts and we actively encourage you to do so because your fellow gamers will thank you for it.

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