This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. So after then less then impressive past gen outing for WWE this year its time to talk about the current gen version of the game. Will it be any better and is it worth buying? Well lets find out….



The current gen version is differen to past gen with the story modes that are available. I said in My First Impressions piece that all the modes were included however the NXT mode is an exclusive to the past gen game (goes to show how memorable that was if I forgot about it) and what the current gen gets instead is a My Career mode. Similar to NBA 2k series you start off as a created superstar who is a trying to get a contract with WWE. Although this is a decent idea it is very poorly executed. I found the difficulty for this mode to be rather high with you having to build your character from scratch your stats are at around the 50 mark and some moves are locked for some unknown reason. For example you only get one finisher? This would work out OK but after a few matches against some generic created wrestlers you go against some of the real superstars who stats are way to high. It is OK for a challange but I found it more frustrating and would of prefered to have played as a WWE superstar rather then my ow created star. However the worst thing about this mode is Bill DeMott. He is the NXT trainer and in your early matches he just hurls criticism your way, bit ironic as what he was saying matched my thoughts about the game as a whole. This becomes mega annoying as you hear him say the same three things OVER and OVER again. I had to mute the TV it was that bad.


Universe mode is back and is as dated as ever. Just like in the past gen game there is literally zero difference. It claims there are a few thousand different storylines to play through, but these contain the same 25 or so cutscenes just pick a couple and repeat. I have yet to see a new cutscene in Universe mode in the last 3 years and WWE 2k15 is no expection its the same thing time and time again. This really is frustrating for me as it was something that brought new life to the series a few years back but the developers have literally done nothing with it since. Its a real let done and I fast become bored. This year they added secret storylines to the mix that can only be used with certain Superstars, however these are literally no different from the regular ones the cut scenes are still the same.

The 2k Showcase is also included just like in the previous gen version, with future DLC adding to this with Ultimate Warrior and Mark Henry stories coming soon. This is worth playing but the way they do the matches is pointless, with you performing a certain about of actions to win the match which is done in more of a quick time event then anything else.



The gameplay has slightly been revamped for this current gen version of the game, match animations now look amazing with characters crawling to the ropes to get up when their stamina is low or they have taken a lot of damage. Which is a huge improvement from past games where they just sprung to their feet. This also opens up to a lot more attack options which when they work are great. Its a shame that this is the only improvement that has been made.

There is a new tie up system, which the game describes itself as a Rock, Paper, Scissor style event. This is purely AWFUL and I really hated it. It slows the matches down signifcantly, rules on how its used are bizarre and you cant turn it off. This system only comes into play when both characters health is on green, although at times it can be half way?  I cant stress enough how much I hate this and is soooo boring.


Collison detection also seems to be off at times, when the hits make content the animations are spotless but it is weird at times. This has been a common bug in the WWE series for years with attacks going through people and at times grapples not work and this year is no different. I also performed a very weird Five Star Frong Splash where RVD jumped back wards from inside the ring to the outside and seemed to break the laws of physics? Tag Team matches also are ruined at times because the AI seems to be absent from your partner who just stands there in regular matches and you try to knock the opposing tag team partner off the ropes to get the pin some characters will just run up the turnbuckle. It is only for certain characters also as if you make a tag the other superstar can do it with ease.

Now lets talk about the bugs because there are LOADS of them. Universe mode tends to be the main culprit for them and a lot of them are similar to the previous gen games but the major ones seem to have been fixed. But what the New gen version does is add some new bugs. When tag team partners argue it tends to show two superstars from the opposing teams arguing, I have had invisible refs and when a superstar jumps someone to take their place in the match they disappear and only one superstar turns up for the match forcing you to sim the result. The list goes on and on.

Creations however do look amazing from what I have seen. I have managed to download a Rick Rude that looks as though he was created by a developer he looks that good. It is fun to see what people create and what you can create yourself again this is one of the best features in the WWE series and this year is even better. WWE 2k15 has the most indepth character creation system in any game and for those who like that sort of thing it really is worth ago.



This is the only impressive thing this year in my opinion, superstars just look incredible and the designers have done a phenonimal job on around 75-80% of the roster. Some still look awful The Miz in particular looks very bad. But some are just breathe taking, Randy Orton, Ryback, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Triple H etc… the list goes on with how great these superstars look. 2k have done very well with this and shows what a WWE game on the next gen console can look if you want a pretty looking game then this is one for you.

Sound wise is very similar to the past gen game but the commentary now has been improved with more lines of dialogue being included and some interesting facts about superstars that some of us might not know. But at times I have had commentators talk about different superstars to who were currently in the ring, Some PPVs called the wrong thing and the 2nd to last match always being reffered to the main event?

WWE 2k15 is also very dated I believe they must have started to decide what roster, costumes and entrances to use around December time of last year as things like The Shield are still together, CM Punk is included(not moaning about that though as he is a very welcome addition), no Kane without a mask and several other things. This is a regular problem with the series however with the delay in the games release they could have made an effort to include alternative attires and different entrances.



2k showcase mode runs for about 3-4 hours tops and My Career mode does add more depth to the game if you can stand it. I found myself getting bored with it and Universe mode very quickly but I am still playing it of hope of seeing a cutscene that isn’t 3 years old. I would say this game will take up a weekend and if your a huge fan of universe mode and don’t mind the repetitiveness of it then you will get quite a lot longer out of it.


This years WWE outing on both gens is poor, there is no other way of saying it. The series has huge potential and with the graphiic capabilites of the Xbox One and PS4 a wrestling game has never looked any better its just a shame I cant say that about the gameplay. I believe the WWE series is in massive need of a revamp the minor additions they have included this year works well in terms of animation but the gameplay is still pretty boring and the new tie up system is one of the worst things to have happened in a wrestling game ever.

I honestly feel it needs a new creative team behind it as Universe mode is frozen in time and is just the same recycled thing year in year out. The My Career mode is OK but needs a lot of work it is shocking that the orignal WWF Smackdown game released nearly 15 years ago has a better career mode then this.

Would I recommend WWE 2K15 to buy? No unless you are a WWE fan and even then I would wait for it too drop in price. The DLC season pass is a disgrace also at the moment with a promise of Paige being included when you purchase it but when you go online she has not been created for the game yet and is still TBC when she will be making an appearance. Surely that is false advertisement and I am very annoyed at 2k for doing this especially after the game was delayed for a month so no excuses. This years WWE outing is a NO! NO! NO! from me.

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