This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf from Telltale games is finale of the series, will the series go out on a high…?

Look & Feel”]

Look & Feel

Episode 5 begins unlike any of the previous episodes, after the catch up movie on the series so far it jumps you straight into the credits with no prologue to the episode. Graphics are again to a very high standard with animation still being very smooth and a joy to watch play out. Sound again is to the highest of standards with the voice cast being on top form.

My only issues this time round is really the pace of the episode is too fast. A lot of people I know believe Telltale games to be slow at times, but this episode goes by like lightning at times and you really do miss out on a few of gorgeous visual because of this.


Story & Characters

fight-bigby_2000pxWithin the first 5 minutes you are told who was behind the murders of the girls. Although it does fit, it was slightly disappointing for your character to be slapped and have a confession like the typical villain from a bad film. Everything does tie together well and the Ribbons are explained and you do get a nasty shock when you see what happens when one is removed.

Characters still aren’t as predictable as you believe them to be with a few shocks along the way, proving that everyone in Fabletown isn’t necessarily good or evil, again some excellent writing by from the people who worked on the script.

My highlight from this episode has to be the Boss Fight with Bloody Mary and her true form. It is one of the horrifying things I have seen in a Telltale game and the design for the character is to the highest of standards. I do think the atmosphere for the Boss Fight could have been better as it was too bright and did not cause as much fear as it could have done.



A very action orientated episode this time round, with a chase scene and one of the best boss fights I have ever had. Not much difference in terms of game play to the previous episodes, but this one is very fast paced, but then the dialogue scenes do slow it down to a more suitable speed.

Again this series proves to be very little of a challenge, but it is entertaining and the options you choose do effect the outcome of the scene and how future scenes will be play out. Controls are still very good on the iPad although on console I would imagine it could be a little more difficult due to the speed of the cursor. You have multiple action choices this time around so fights don’t always play out the same way.



Lifespan & Overall

You could play this episode several times and the journey you take to the end will be completely different each time. Like all Telltale games this episode has a ton of replay value and I cant wait too see what will happen the next time I give it ago.

I enjoyed this episode and people who have been playing the series will too, but I certainly feel there are a couple of episodes that are much better than the finale. Maybe this set my expectations of the final episode too high and I expected more from the developers here, I was hoping for something special from the series finale which didn’t arrive. While it was a good experience, nothing really unexpected wowed me which is a bit of a shame.

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