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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing from Telltale games is part 4 of 5, the series has yet to improve upon the incredible first episode but with the story line gaining strong momentum will this episode live up to the hype?

Look & Feel”]

Look & Feel


Episode 4 is a lot more violent than the previous instalments. Within the first 5 minutes you have to snap a broken arm back into place and let me tell you it is graphic. In Sheep’s Clothing is set at day time so there is a lot more color on display throughout this episode. This is a personnel preference of mine in regards to Telltale games. They do night time scenes very well, but I feel with their particular graphic style it is more of a visual treat when you have a lot of light on screen.

In Sheep’s Clothing introduces even more locations and characters just like the all the episodes have done. Sound wise I did have a problem with the doctor at the start, I am not sure if this was due to a recording error or if it was a bug but he was hard to make out even with my headphones on. Character design and voice performances again are a highlight which is to be expected in a Telltale game.


Story & Characters


With even more suspects in this twisted murder case being introduced, the investigation is far from solved. You are yet again trying to locate the people of interest with very few characters willing to helping you along the way.

The story actually touches upon an interesting fact that although the ‘Law and Order’ side of things protect the Fables there is still not enough support in place for them and the ‘Crooked’ way of doing things does have its benefits with it helping the Fables who are in desperate situations. With a lot of Fables supporting The Crooked Man you will have to use your best negotiation skills to get any information.

However, one problem I have had with this storyline is that you are still no closer as to finding out why these girls have been murdered. With only one episode to go I do hope they don’t try and wrap this up in a cheesy confession scene like you get at the end of most detective TV shows.

This episode does see the return of Toad, Colin and Woody, who are three of the best supporting characters from the series so far. Bigby is still one of the most underrated characters of all time and Adam Harrington plays him to perfection.




This is the most mixed episode so far in regards to gameplay. There is a perfect mix of action and dialogue. The action scene with Jersey Devil is very entertaining and although not the most difficult of the series it is well placed and I did not have frame rate issues like I have had with past action scenes.

The choices in this level are well thought out and do feel like you are effecting the world around you. Bigby can still be a jerk or a hero depending on how you want to play. You can also make him a true Bad Ass, for example at the climatic ending of this episode you can chose for Bigby just to pull our a cigarette all calm and cool like nothing is bothering him it is so cool to see you have to choose it when you play.


Lifespan & Overall

In Sheep’s Clothing took me well over an hour to complete and with a lot of options in this instalment there is plenty of replay value.

To me this is as good as the first episode, it is well balanced and the plot is just as gritty. We are still no closer to finding out why these girls were murdered and why Bigby was targeted. But In Sheep’s Clothing is a fine example of a Telltale game and is a very welcomed addition to the Wolf Among Us series.

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