This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. The Wolf Among Us is the latest new series of point and click adventure games from the studio Telltale games who gave us the phenomenal Walking Dead game a few years back. Just like the previous title Telltale have decided yet again to base one of their games on a modern comic book series, this time choosing the Fables series created by Bill Willingham.

Telltale releases games like these in episode format, which you can buy individually. This review will focus on Episode 1: Faith on iPad.


Wolf Among Us takes place in the Fables universe, which is a rather brilliant idea of creatures from Fables living secretly in New York, taking human forms with ‘Glamours’. The world is dark and unforgiving, which shows the hardships that these characters have to go through everyday to survive in our world.

This game is defiantly not for younger audiences with a very mature plot, investigating the murder of a young woman whose head is left outside your building. The game involves very graphic scenes presented in the classic Telltales comic book style character visuals. Wolf Among Us tells the story of what these characters have to go through to survive so this game is not for the feint of heart. It reminds me a lot of Detective Noir films with the entire style and choice of characters.

“Don’t go in expecting a Disney story here, its far more gritty”

You play as the character ‘Bigby’ aka The Big Bad Wolf, who has been appointment sheriff of this community. I really enjoyed playing as this character, fighting against his animal nature so it does not take over. I found this to be very interesting as it allows you to play the character how you want to depending on what you choose.

You will see a lot of Fairy Tale favourite characters in this game, such as The Woodsman, Snow White and even Beauty & the Beast. But don’t go in expecting a Disney story here, its far more gritty, after playing this game you will never look at the characters in the same way again.

As the story unfolds you really feel connected to the characters, which is something Telltale does brilliantly in all their games. I don’t want to give anymore details away as they might spoil the experience for you, but prepare for twists and turns and one of the best endings to an episode I have ever come across in games or TV.


Just like previous Telltale series this game is a point and click adventure game, with a very slow pace that is more about the story and the choices you make. For those who like action filed games this will not appeal to you but for those who love character development and a brilliant plot this game needs playing.

You decide how Bigby does things, be diplomatic or take a more… direct approach

For those who have played the Walking Dead series you know what to expect, for those who haven’t the game is split into three different ways you play the game, the first style is sort of like a puzzler where you have to find clues and piece together what has happened; the second style is more a action sequence mode controlled by quick time events but most of the time will be spent in the final style which is my favourite (and I would say is the main reason why I will keep buying Telltale games) is where you speak to characters with multiple choices of what you can say. Your replies are timed though so, at times, you don’t have much chance to think which forces you to pick the with instinct the first time round.

The whole experience revolves around the speech system and what you choose really affects the game. Siding with one character or another will change the way the narrative develops and the overall ending of the episode & episodes beyond that. This is where you really make the game and the character of Bigby your own depending on if you would rather go into it with a diplomatic or direct approach.

The iPad controls are perfect for this game with a tap of the screen to select item and conversation options, and a swipe of the finger to move in the action sequences. One problem I did have with the controls however, is at times you will have to tap the screen twice for it to acknowledge the action, but this mainly happens in the puzzle sections of the game and does not affect the enjoyment one bit.

One big flaw with all Telltale games as a whole is the technical design, at times the framerate becomes a major issue as you are progressing and damages the immersive nature of the game somewhat. This problem was evident on the PS3 for previous titles from this company and it’s still evident in this title where the game becomes unplayable during the action sequences or conversations This is annoying as you will fail a lot of the time and have to reload the game, which is very disappointing. For example in one scene you have to chase down a suspect, but the screen froze for me and the sound was going in the background, by the time the scene had played out the negative outcome had already happened. There is a way round this, simply restarting the app usually fixes the problem right away, but this takes you out if the moment which is not ideal for a


Just like previous games by this company the game is released in Episodes which are roughly 2-3 hours long a piece. But with the choices you can make there are so many different outcomes there is plenty of replay value.

“The cliff hanger ending for this episode has made me want to buy the second episode right away”


Wolf Among Us is a quality game from Telltale and although it will not have the same mass appeal as The Walking Dead, I actually think this has the better storyline. If you are a fan of previous Telltale games or the old Lucas Arts games this is a must and is extremely enjoyable.

The cliff hanger ending for this episode has made me want to buy the second episode right away and I am eagerly looking forward to playing it. But with only 3 out of the 5 episodes out so far, if the following episodes are as good as this one, waiting for the final two episodes will be torture for me.

Wolf Among Us I available now for digital download on most formats, in the Apple store it costs £2.99 per episode and each episode takes between 750mb – 1gb.


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