This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors from Telltale games is part 2 of 5, after a really good first episode will the series be able to keep the momentum going just like they managed with the Walking Dead season 1?

Look & Feel

Look & Feel

Episode 2 is set mostly at night, the lighting effects are quality and I did not have any visual problems like I did with other iPad games. Unfortunately sound at times were a problem with them slipping out of sync.

The scenes are designed well if not a little bit too small, ‘Pudding & Pie’ the strip club for example was very small and looked like you could only have fitted 20 people at most in real life, so you kind of lose a sense of realism. Just like the previous episode character design is excellent and I do love the fact that if you fail at a certain point in an action scene your character will get wounded and keep that injury until the end of the episode.

One thing I did forget to mention in my previous review is turn off the help options in the menu, this makes the game to easy and you are overloaded with white dots on screen of where to click. So you do miss out on the charming graphics.


Story & Characters

With the way Faith ended I was really looking forward to what the story would throw at me next, unfortunately without giving away to many spoilers I was rather disappointed by Smoke and Mirrors. The plot for this episode seemed slightly rushed with quite a few plot holes emerging and it does seem that the writers had a change of were they wanted the story to go.

The Little Mermaid

In this episode you encounter a few new Fables including The Little Mermaid and Georgie Porgie, you feel sad for Little Mermaid and what she has to do to survive, where as Georgie who is a bad guy comes across as a British Vanilla Ice spoof and looks like the boyfriend from The Cleveland Show, he came across as rather comical and didn’t fit in well with the game.

Where as the first episode was really gritty and mature, the second comes across as cheesy at times.



What surprised me with this episode is the lack of action, normally with Telltale the action scenes become more frequent the further into the series you get but in Smoke and Mirrors I only encountered one very short and unfulfilling scene, which was disappointing.

This time round you spend most of the time in conversation, which I am a fan of but they didn’t really break it up enough for me. I still believe that these moments are Telltales best strength but too much of a good thing becomes boring.

I also felt this time round that my choices didn’t matter; the choices I made did not effect the story, now I maybe wrong and in a later episode my actions will have consequences but I did not get that impression once I had finished the episode.

One new edition is the ‘This Choice is Blank’ selection, now I am not a fan of this as I want to see what option I am choosing because I am Bigby but all possible choices are replaced by that and you have to remember that the top right choice tends to be the ‘good guy’ approach, but at times that is the most boring.



Smoke and Mirrors has to be the shortest Telltale episode I have played on to date, 7 scenes it total and they were over very quickly. Maybe it was the choices I made but I was expecting it to be at least 1- 2 hours like the previous ones but I would say it took me 30-45 minutes.



I was disappointed with this episode after playing the highly enjoyable first episode. The storyline loses its grit and in places becomes predictable. The only twist they included in this episode was such as disappointment as it really ruined the end of the first episode for me and I felt no suspense playing this episode. Then it just ended.

Don’t get me wrong is still a decent episode to play but is not up to the usual Telltale standard and comes across as rushed and that the writers still have not made their mind up of where the story is going.

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