This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. South Park the Stick of Truth is the long awaited RPG based on the cult TV show.  After some seriously bad South Park games from over 10 years ago and some less then impressive PSN/Xbox Arcade games, fans from series have been desperately waiting for a good South Park game. Stick of Truth has had some development issues, with THQ going Bankrupt a few years back many thought this game would never see the light of day but thanks to Ubisoft fans from the beginning of March get to adventure in the quiet little mountain town.

Stick of Truth has been made with the help of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, with the creators of the TV show being at the helm of the game it should be the best South Park game to date.


Stick of Truth starts off with you playing the New Kid who has moved into South Park, this character named ‘Douchebag’ by Cartman is a freely customisable character that you can get to look anyway you want. Unfortunately for female gamers there is no Female option, but as explained by the shows creators ‘It’s very unlikely that a girl would join the boy’s gang’ which makes sense from the storyline point of view. But you could always go down the line of Princess Kenny and cross dress.

Cartman, The Great Wizard creates some of the funiest moments in the game.

Back to the story, the Humans (The KKK) lead by Cartman (The Grand Wizard) are at war with the elves lead by Kyle over the stick of truth. You join the game by saving Butters and side with the Humans, this sets up a sort of Fantasy sort of feel to the game which does really work well, like a game you would play with your friends back in your childhood but of course with South Parks twisted sense of humour mixed in. I do not want to give away any spoilers to this game because it is just hilarious when you come across a character or characters from previous seasons. The night time part of the story is some of the sickest stuff I have seen in a video game but remains funny throughout. There are some many characters in this game from Jesus to Mr Slave to Al Gore all your favourites from the TV will be here. There are also hidden junk items to be found throughout South Park from classic episodes such as the Antonio Banderas Love Doll, Chinpokomon and you can even give your character Chin Balls.

The Jokes are all here, as are the songs. You can really tell this was written by the South Park creators and they do a great job of adding the classic moments in South Park to the game as well as including stuff from the latest seasons.


“I dislike the turn based style the likes of Final Fantasy is known for. But for some reason with South Park it just works”

A very bold move by the development team was to make this game a turn based RPG. I am not a fan of this style of gameplay, I enjoy the way Bioware does it but I dislike the turn based style the likes of Final Fantasy is known for. But for some reason with South Park it just works. The variety of Weapons is amazing from Dodgeballs to tools  to Alien Probes its amazing what they have thought of to be included in the game. Mix these with weapon ‘Strap-Ons’ and you can do some real damage to your opponent, it really does have alot of depth to the combat system, different stances the enemy takes wont allow you to use certain attacks on them and one wrong move could mean defeat for your team.

You can explore most places in South Park right away others are closed off until you progress in the game, but I would recommend you explore everywhere. A lot of side quests that are relevant to the characters you accept them from most of which are hilarious, for example you have to help Al Gore set up defences against the dreaded Manbearpig and you have to find Jesus. On top of that all the characters you meet from the TV show will friend you (some not until later in the game) which enables you more bonus feats such as more damage, more health, etc… this is a really nice addition to the game and will make you want to find all the characters. They will also message you through Twitter(the menu system) which is an excellent idea and is very well implemented.

The main thing I love about this game is the special moves, if you make friends with the right people you can summon them in battle and they use special attacks from the TV show. Mr Slaves ever famous attack is included which is one of the grossest things you will ever see. These attacks are one hit kills and cannot be used against bosses which is a nice touch as the difficulty in the game remains. Your team members also have special attacks, Butters transforms into the fan favourite Professor Chaos and Kenny uses a unicorn attack(again from the TV Show) which if not performed correctly will instantly kill Kenny. The special attacks are what this game is about!

Would it really be South Park without fart jokes?

As you would expect though there is a lot of toilet humor in the game. Magic is actually farts in this game, you would think as a little gag joke but no they play a key role in the game and are used to solve some of the games puzzles. It is a nice feature and you can end up sharting yourself if performed incorrectly. I was not a fan of this to begin with but it is used quite well in places.

When moving around the open area town you move just like the characters from the TV Show, it is just like playing an episode.  But I have struggled to move down/up ladders at times which can be annoying. You also unlock new abilities that give you access to new areas, again don’t want to give away spoilers but for example Butters can heal characters, Kenny can seduce (has to be seen to be believed) , Stan uses Sparky to urinate on the enemies near electrical wires.

This is actually one of the most fun games to actually play on for a while and I have only played as the Jew class I can’t wait to see what different attacks the other classes can use. Some attacks are difficult to pull off (to me anyway) so be warned sometimes a simple attack is better then gambling on a powerful that you can’t make work.


Once you have seen all the jokes I am not sure how much replay you will get from this game. I do want to see the special attacks from all the classes and I want to complete all the side quests because they are brilliant but I doubt I want to do it again.

I would say you have around 20 hours of gameplay here all together which to me is perfect for this type of game. Maybe some die hard fans of the series will want to play the game again but for me like a lot of the new South Park seasons I believe I will go through it once then trade it in.

Overall Verdict

I agree with IGN’s review that South Park Stick of Truth is essentially a new season of South Park only interactive. You do feel like you are part of the show and the developers have really done a great job. The jokes are hilarious at times and it was really fun seeing the characters from early seasons back again. The references to classic episodes are very well done and will appeal to fans from early days of South Park as well as new fans.

If I have to be negative there seems to be very little difference in classes as all characters, weapons and outfits are compatible with everyone which seems a bit of a let down. I have also had the game crash on me twice and again navigation seems off at times.

But that is me being picky, this game is amazing if you are a fan of the series it is a must buy for anyone who wants a laugh. In my opinion Stick of Truth is the best South Park game by a mile I would even argue its the best game based on a film or TV show there has ever been. You really do feel part of the cast with your character. It may not be the longest RPG ever but its a quality game.

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