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Saints Row, a game of many different possibilities, the series has taken us from the ruff streets of Steelport to the over sized desk of the Whitehouse, at the beginning life in Saints Row seemed easy and normal making us feel like it was GTA’s long lost brother… but then came Saints Row IV….and this is what I really want to talk about.

Imagine this, opening scene, a missle is seen blasting up into space with you clinging on for dear life to the out side, dodging falling debris and ripping wires out with your bare hands as your heading for outer space where you would surely die….your loved ones and friends are calling you on your Bluetooth headset (which is located in your space helmet of course) wishing you good luck and sending there love, crying uncontrollably as you await your fate. Did I mention this is all whilst Aerosmith ‘I Don’t Wana Miss A Thing’ is playing?

As the last wires are ripped out the side of the missile you launch yourself off, perilously free falling to the glistening city of Steelport beneath, with no parachute you expect this to be the end……as your gaining closer to the impending doom… break through the ceiling of the Whitehouse and straight into your presidential chair….not a scratch….brilliant….just like real life then. :s

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So Saints Row has always been a bit far fetched ill give you that, but this time around its a whole new ball game, with elements of the matrix used to create this story line your character now has abilities to jump magnificently high and run ridiculously fast, you do gain more abilities as you continue through the game but I don’t want to give to much away 😉

Lets just say you encounter the ‘Architect’ and his alien buddies (Zin) sure do get in your way….


Collectible items, weapon upgrading and designer clothing are still all available in this saints row as expected, the gestures you can choose for your character are a lot more close to the mark and there is still the option of how big your characters ‘package’ can be….wonderful.

The combat is the same as its always been, easy to use and incredibly easy to kill. Weapons are pretty much the same bar from the alien weapons you can pick up and of course the long awaited Dubstep Gun!!!!!


Now this thing is OOOOOOmazing….music to your ears! (pun intended) You fire music at your enemies (whether they be human or inanimate objects….) and BOOM dance mood activated, the residents of Steelport throw down some shapes before getting so overwhelmed that they drop down dead….no mess just fun! Cars will also bop to the beat before exploding.

To be honest I really don’t want to give to much away with this game, ive had such an achy jaw after playing this just from the sheer amount of laughter that has left my gob….I plead with people if they want something a bit different, get this game…hopefully you wont regret it 🙂

If you have the same or different views on this game drop me a comment 🙂

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