Howdy gamers! So it’s been a while since my last Resident Evil review. I’ve decided to do a bit of a survival horror special on My Games Lounge this week looking at some quality game and hopefully open some new doors for those who haven’t played the genre enough. Check out my last piece on Resident Evil Revelations if, like me you are a fan of the series. We have also reviewed


Released in March 2009 for Play Station 3 and Xbox 360, Resident Evil 5 was a sensation. Based in the heart of Africa, former STARS member Chris Redfield, joined the BSAA in order to restore order and prevent Bio Terrorism throughout the world.

Chris and Sheva are dispatched in the town of Kijuju, where they are beginning their hunt for Ricardo Irving, and to prevent him from selling a bio-organic weapon (BOW) on the black market. They quickly learn that this will not be an easy mission, as they fight their way through hordes of infected villagers, known as Majini, to find that Alpha team have been killed. Continuing their mission, they soon encounter an ambush after receiving communication that there’s a helicopter crash near the train station. Surrounded by Majini on motorbikes, swinging chains, they are soon rescued by Captain Josh Stone, Delta team.

Resident Evil 5 Story

Chris receives intel that his old partner, Jill Valentine could potentially be alive, who was presumed dead after a confrontation with ex STARs Captain, Albert Wesker. Shocked, Chris has now made it his priority to be reunited with his partner and with determination, he ignores orders from headquarters and continues his mission to find the truth.

Chris and Sheva go through the mines where they find Irving. In shock, he attempts to hide maps and documents in relation to the BOWs. Irving makes a swift escape with a hooded character, which will be later revealed. Chris and Sheva attempt to go after him to the Oilfields through the Marshlands.

Heading for the Marshlands, hoping to capture Irving as quickly as possible, they find Josh who is badly injured and are ambushed by Majini’s with chainsaws and axes. When catching up with Irving, he quickly injects himself with a virus called Las Plagas, a parasite which makes him mutate into a colossal water beast. After destroying him, Irving directs Chris and Sheva to near by caves where they will uncover the answers to all the riddles and find out whose behind this.

Chris and Sheva discover flowers in the caves and evidence that the flowers are used to develop the T & G Viruses and is now being used to produce a new powerful virus called Oroboros. They also uncover evidence that a Pharmaceutical company, Tricell, who have been funding the BSAA, have been working with Umbrella and using Africa as a test bed for their experiments on Oroboros.

In a research facility, Chris and Sheva discover a room with hundreds upon hundreds of capsules containing people. Hoping to find Jill in one of these capsules, he is disappointed but is introduced to Excella Gionne, the CEO of Tricell. Refusing to talk, Chris and Sheva quickly pursue her in hoping to find answers to Jill’s whereabouts. They are stopped by Wesker and a hooded figure who is revealed.

Have you guessed yet? Yes, it’s Jill! Being controlled by a device on her chest, Chris and Sheva have to find a way to remove it. Excella and Wesker escape to a tanker while Chris and Sheva fight Jill, eventually taking her down and removing the device.

After a brief reunion, Chris leaves Jill to stop Wesker from spreading Oroboros throughout the world. Encountering many more Majini’s with lightening sticks and AK47’s, Chris and Sheva meet with Excella once more, who is startled and drops a case of syringes with a number on them. Wesker realizes he is being betrayed, he infects Excella with the virus and abandons her. She mutates and must be destroyed!

Excella staying loyal to Wesker

Once destroying Excella, Wesker has activated the self destruct system on the tanker. Jill radios Chris and tells him about a serum that Wesker has to take regularly to keep his super human strength. Sheva realizes that the syringe they discovered earlier is infact the serum he needs. Chris uses this to his advantage to attempt to make Wesker weaker. They pursue on a further journey to stop Wesker who is about to board a bomber and attempt to spread Oroboros at flight! Wesker attempts to escape once more and as Chris and Sheva crash the bomber into a volcano, they are soon met with Wesker who exposes himself to Oroboros and mutates slightly. Chris and Sheva escape into a helicopter before Wesker kills them, and they both destroy Wesker with rocket launchers.

In the final cut scene, Chris determines if this is all worth fighting for. He turns to Sheva and Jill and decides that a future without fear is very much worth fighting for.


I found the gameplay pretty simple in terms of controlling the character, using weaponry and items, such as herbs and key’s. Like Resident Evil 4, you cannot run while shooting the enemy. You’re playing from a third person perspective. Movement is always an issue when you’re surrounded but if you have an injured Majini, you can use melee attacks such as punch, roundhouse or impale! I’ve got to admit, it makes your character look pretty badass! Reloading is also pretty frustrating when you’re surrounded and you or your partner gets into trouble.



Resident Evil has always kept the original characters throughout the series. They also introduce new characters in each game. The villains I find most interesting and entertaining.

My favorite villain in Resident Evil 5 was a tough one to choose. After a lot of thought, I have decided that Excella Gionne was an excellent villain. She has class and the most beautiful accent. Excella had a sexy feel about her, she was the boss and no one messed with her however, she had worn her heart on her sleeve when it come to Albert Wesker. She had really thought she was his partner in taking over the world when really, he only used her for her knowledge in developing the virus and later used it against her.

My most annoying character I found throughout the game was definitely without a doubt, Irving. For those who played Resident Evil 4, he reminded he too much of Salazar, who was an annoying midget with a whiny voice. I was happy that Irving was booted early on. I don’t think I could take another chapter of his whiny, irritating laugh.

From things I’ve heard and read, Sheva isn’t that popular but I actually like her a lot. She comes across as a strong woman and a very dangerous one too. I enjoyed playing as her instead of Chris. I think she’s pretty badass!


For those who have played any of the previous Resident Evils will know that things are missing from Resident Evil 5 which really should be there, as these are icons in the game. The Typewriter has been replaced with a check point, auto save. I was disappointed with this because I know the excitement and anticipation of finding an ink ribbon! The checkpoints did come in handy at certain points but I feel the game didn’t feel the same without the Typewriter and ink ribbons.

When playing on multiplayer, it became a problem for myself and my dad. We would go through the game no problem, but when it came to the final boss fight with the mutated Wesker, our characters would encounter rapid button bashing and would fail at every opportunity, taking us back to the beginning of the level. No matter what weapons we used, what tactics we attempted, we just couldn’t do it. This, I think, was a big problem when trying to complete the game as a team. I encountered the same problem when I tried to play online with friends via the story.


I’ve been a Resident Evil fan from the very first time I played the game at the age of 5. Yes, five years of age and I was supervised by my dad while playing so I didn’t get too frightened. I never had one nightmare but the dreams of becoming just like Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield or the trusty, Rebecca Chambers.

I really enjoyed Resident Evil 5. It was a fantastic game, amazing story, I would recommend it. The only thing I feel was missing was the excitement of seeing a save point ie. The Typewriter. The puzzles weren’t as challenging as they should have been and I feel that it was slightly rushed. Other than that, I was impressed with the development of the characters and the DLCs that are included in the Gold Edition.

I hope you take the time to try Resident Evil 5 and hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did.

Happy Gaming!

Shotty! x

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