Life is Strange is one of those titles I have been waiting for since it was announced. I have always been a fan of the Graphic Adventure genre, which in my opinion Telltale have dominated in the last few years. So when a different studio decided to have a crack at the genre I knew this game was one I had to play. So does it meet my expectations? Let’s found out in this Life is Strange Chrysalis Review.


Life is Strange follows the story of Max a photography student who returns to the town she grew up in after moving to Seattle a few years back. She is the typical shy teenager who dosent fit in as well as most but is generally liked by most. One day in class she witness’s an arguement that leads to the death of a student. This awakens an ability within Max to rewind time giving her chance to change the future and save someones life. After Max seems to master her powers instaniously you learn how to even use your powers to make conversations go your way, such as remembering the answer to a question. This does seem alittle too convenient and Max does seem to be rather relaxed to have these powers.

The story and feel for the game is very much like Donnie Darko, its almost as if you are playing a game in the same world as the film and Max is the new Donnie. The film does have an indie movie feel to it and should fit well with fans of that film genre. The cast does a great job in bringing the characters to life(even if it can be very cliched at times) and the problems that effect the supporting characters are very realistic i.e. Unwanted pregnancies and bullying. What the game does well is that it makes you care for these characters and you will try and make their life better if you can.

Although this is the first episode there is a lot of stories going on, I wont ruin the main story which is revealed at the end but you have some sub stories going on such as a missing girl who you sort of become involved with trying to solve. There is quite a lot going on and the story is for a mature audience.


For those who do not like games with any action in at all then this is not for you. Life is Strange is mainly about interactive with other characters, influncing their lives and solving a few minor puzzles along the way. The game is not at all difficult to finish the main story line but finding the hidden photo opportunities and possible things you can influence is more difficult then you might think. They are all listed at the end of the game where you can see what you have missed so you can look for them during your next play through. There also is a collectable playthrough you can do, selecting individual chapters of the episode to try and find the secret photo opportunities.

Reversing time is very simple with the control of one button, however this does effect the games replay value as if you clearly make the wrong choice you can just skip back and make a better decision. Just like the Telltale games Life is Strange also contains several choices that are critical to the story and will effect how the main plot works out.


Life is Strange does look great, the main character models look amazing and the environments are just as good. With the sound track and style of the game it really does come across more like an interactive indie movie then a game. The voice cast do fit the characters well, however I do feel that the lip syncing is off and you can tell that with some of the supporting characters they havent had as much effort or time put into their design as some others have.

However saying that, this is a very good looking title fair enough it dosent really push the PS4 to the max and dosent contend with the likes of something that Quantic Dreams could do but honestly it fits the game very well.


The first episode of the series took be roughly between 90-120 mins to complete and I havent found all the possible minor choices and photo opportunities yet. However I do feel that with the reversing time tool a lot of potential replay value has been lost. With only 2 mini puzzle scenarios this game is mainly dialogue and if you were to skip the side conversations of the game it might only take you around an hour to complete.



Life is Strange is one of those titles I was very much looking forward too but for me it has yet to really do anything. In all fairness it is its first episode but I cant help but feel some gamers would drop this due to the slow paced and slightly boring debut. I am not saying I didnt find it interesting and I am curious too see where they take it however I find myself thinking that other games have done similar things with a more exciting or interesting plot.

Maybe my expectations where too high but hopefully episode two will be a lot better when its released in March because although Life is Strange has a lot of style I didnt find myself having as much fun as I did with what Telltale currently has available.

Life is Strange Chrysalis Review Format: PS4

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