This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Its Christmas time so its time for a Lego review. The Lego series has now been going for around a decade, the original Star Wars series were excellent full of humour and were groundbreaking. Lego Batman was released several years after this and was very solid additon to the series packed full of Batman content and was hours and hours of fun. Now you have Lego everything when it comes to video games so lets see how well the latest Batman addition to the franchise plays out.



One thing to mention about this game is although its called Lego Batman its more Lego Justice League. There is some Batman content in this game and a very good surpise at the end however this game is more focused on the DC universe rather then just the Batman one.

The game starts with Brainiac(one of Supermans main villians) brainwashing the main Lanterns, enslaving them to take control of their power. Whilst this is happening the Injustice League plans to invade and take control of the Watchtower, Batman on a regular crime fighting night out with Robin are hot on the heels of Killer Croc who is causing havoc in the Gotham sewers. The plot is again comic book level stuff and would make a very good DC event read. The Lego humour is still there but is hit and miss for me with the older games I believe being alot funnier.

There are tons of characters that you meet and some of the story choices are weird to say the least. Firefly being included when I have only ever encountered him as a bit part character in Knighfall and Arkham Orgins before, where as Bane is DLC only.



Here is where the game falls apart for me, it is a well made game but very little has changed over the years with Lego games and apart from a few minor changes its the same old stuff time and time again. Characters have their own set abilites which requires you to replay levels to reach certain areas. With the Batman series you get a suit system where some key characters have numerous different special abilites which do add something slightly different to the game but this just means you only have to use one character where in the past you would have to use numerous.

With the game being called Lego Batman I would have though that Batman would be an essiential part of your team, however I found characters such as Robin and Cyborg to be more useful. Cyborg essientially does all that Batman does but he can shoot and why punch when you can shoot? It is just a real shame that a game called Lego Batman fails to use Batman as well as they should.

Some levels do add variation like the space mission but I found myself doing the same thing time and time again, with the usual collect the studs to gain bonuses. I do feel the Lego games need a major rework on how they are played if they are to keep going for another 10 years. Lego games are clearly aimed at younger audiences and are meant to be played with a friend, by myself I just got bored.



As always a Lego games production value is through the roof, it looks and sounds amazing. Character design is spot on and most of the characters are well casted. You get classic theme music from across the DC universe going on throughout including the incredible score from the Tim Burton Batman movie and the Superman theme, I really enjoyed listening to this when it was for the first time.

There are two minor complaints about the presentation for the game, the music is on a loop so at times you find yourself listening to the same thing time and time again. I also did not like the choice for Joker, I found him to be more annoying then anything else but that is down to personal preference.

The script is written to perfection with characters saying things they would do in the comics, the banter between Lex and Batman is brilliant and the choice of Brainac was also a good one.



There are TONS and TONS of things to do in this game and if you are a fan of Lego games and are a younger gamer then you will love this game. Several hours of the main story then plenty of things to go and unlock afterwards. This game took me a lot longer  to complete due to becoming bored so it might not be for everyone. I wont be playing this game again but if you enjoy stud collecting again and again then you will want to complete this fully.



Lego Batman 3 is a very well made game, however I felt myself getting bored and turning off the console after completing a level as it felt more like a chore to play on rather then entertainment. I however am an older game and the Lego series for me has gone downhill considerably these past few years.

For a younger gamer or a fan of the Lego game series this game would be prefect. It would make a great christmas gift for someone and playing with a friend is highly recommended. For me a game should be entertaining, Lego Batman is a very good game but a boring one. Their is however potential with future DLC packs.

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