This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Its time on MGL for a catch up review. This time its Injustice: Gods Among Us on PS4, which was a launch title for the console last year. Injustice is a DC beat em up from the team behind the phenomenal Mortal Kombat series. The DC vs Mortal Kombat game several years ago was one of the best of the past gen but will a DC beat em up work as a standalone?


Injustice: Gods Among Us is set in an alternative DC world, where Joker kills Lois Lane and a large amount of Metropolis citizens. Superman snaps killing Joker and putting Earth under his own dictatorship where even the smallest crime is punished in a extreme way. Some of the heroes of the real DC world are sent into this hellish world and have to fight to ensure the same events do not repeat themselves in their current timeline. Through out the course of the story mode you will play as several different Heroes and Villains from the DC universe similar to that of previous Mortal Kombat games trying to bring an end to the Tyrannical reign of Superman. Throughout the story you will play as such classic characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern as well as some not as famous characters with Deathstroke and Cyborg. The Story mode has continued onto its own comic book story filling in the gaps between the death of Lois Lane and Supermans almost total rule over the alternative world.

I personally loved the story, it really fit in well with the DC world and is well worth playing for any comic book fan. With several different locations such as Arkham Asylum, Wayne Manor, Fortress of Solitude etc… each with their own destructive environments its is fun to see which characters make cameo appearances in certain spots throughout the game.

For those who are wondering that if Superman fought Joker in a Hand to Hand fight Joker would end up as mush, the writers has figured away around that. Superman has created a chemical that gives everyone the same durability of someone like Superman. It is all abit convenient but it works. Plus you also get Scorpion as a secret character!



If you have ever played a Mortal Kombat you know what to expect, a very solid fighting game with excellent physics and some of the best special moves of all time. If you are looking for one of the best combat engines in a fighting game then look no further, the easier settings are great for a beginner with the more advanced mode making even the most seasoned beat em up players work up a sweat.

Each character comes with their own unique set of attacks, each varying in speed and strength and trust me you will find a favourite to play as. It takes skill completing the game on the higher difficulties which requires you to practise whenever you try a new character out to familiarize yourself with controls and completing the lower difficulty game modes before attempting some of the more tougher challenges.

There are a massive 31 fighters for the PS4 version of the game, so this will keep you busy for hours. On top of this you have several different arcade modes similar to that of the Mortal Kombat series where you fight a series of fighters making your way to the end boss, each mode has its own set difficulty and theme to it. Such as health carries on from the last fight etc.. As well as this you also get a separate story mode on top of the main story mode. This contains several different missions per fighter to complete all with different tasks i.e perform special move X amount of times, Survive missile strike etc… Some of these are created just for the game but some of the more difficult ones come from classic comic stories such as The Red Son. This adds so much variety and any DC fan would love this.

The only negative thing I can say is that for certain game modes the difficulty is fixed, which for some gamer is great but for others like me who aren’t the best in Beat em Ups it does make some of the game modes very difficult to see so you only really experience a small percentage of the game. Its good for those who are skilled at these sort of games but for those who use Beat em Ups just to relax to then this might not be for you.



Injustice on the PS4 is a port of the past gen game, so the graphics aren’t really next gen.  They do look better then it did on the PS3 but its still wont have anyone thinking that’s its anything special. Character design and Costumes however are excellent with the variety of different themed outfits to choose from at times it can seem like you are playing as a completely different character and does add a lot of variation to those who just tend to stick with the same character.

The destructive environments are excellent, with a lot of easter egg content and cameo appearances from DC characters throughout it really had me wanting to find out what would happen if I broke through the wall to the left rather then the right. I just loved it and it made playing new levels for the first time really enjoyable. The voice cast is excellent with characters sounding spot on I am really picky about comic book characters but this was excellent.



So much stuff to do in this game it will keep you busy for hours and hours. It has about as much depth as the previous Mortal Kombat game however there are no unlockables so you get everything at the start which is a shame as more bonus content would have been fun to work towards unlocking. The online works well and will keep you entertained for along time.


I really enjoyed this game but I am a huge comic book nerd and I love Mortal Kombat. However the difficulty at times is really too hard for me at some stages which essentially locks out half the game. If you are a good beat em up player then you will love this as it really takes you skills to the next level, without the speed of the likes of Street Fighter.

DC characters stay true to themselves, controls are spot on and the design is great although no where near current gen standard.

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