Hello Gamers, Gav of War here with surprise surprise a series review of one, if not my favourite series of all time – God of War by Santa Monica Studios.

My title was bestowed upon me after I finally got Platinum trophies for all the games in the series including the two games that were made for the PSP then converted onto the PS3.

Now I played the God of War series based upon release date because I didn’t have any other choice.

However the chronological order of the series I believe is as follows. Ascension is actually the last game released.

God of War: Ascension
God of War: Chains of Olympus – PSP convert
God of War
God of War: Ghost of Sparta – PSP convert
God of War II
God of War III

If I was to play them again, I would start with Chains of Olympus and follow the order through but still play Ascension last, in my opinion it cant be a prequel unless you’ve quelled.

The problem with this is that God of War: Chains of Olympus & God of War: Ghost of Sparta are more basic versions of the game due to being designed for the handheld machine, by doing this you would flip from different button configurations from game to game, but in all honesty that’s not hard at all.

I had ummed are arrghhhhhhhed about how to do this, if I did a game by game review we would be here until Christmas 2020, so I decided to do an overall review which includes some of my favourite parts, I have placed these pieces at the end of the review as I would not like to ruin the games for anyone who may want to play them in the future.


I will keep this short:

It uses a basis in Greek mythology, contains excessive and bloody violence with a bit of sex thrown in for good measure and is one mans struggle to forget his past followed by Vengeance against all who betrayed him.

God of War puts you control of a very angry man as he attempts to achieve his ultimate goal – to kill the Father of the Gods – Zeus, along with anybody and everybody who get in his way mind you.

Your main protagonist in this story goes by the name Kratos.

God of war 2 close up kratos
Kratos – The Ghost of Sparta



Look and feel

The look and feel of the games is superb, the size comparison of Kratos to other characters is done perfectly and the background graphics of the towns and cities are immense. The scale they put into the series works extremely well and really does bring a sense of battle to all of the games.

Cronos squish Kratos
The Titan Cronos squishing Kratos, look carefully Kratos is in there.



The game is a Third Person Action Adventure, run here run there, but in the end you can only go one way, but remember to look around for your Gorgon eyes, Phoenix feathers and Red Orb chests, smash everything you see.

You also have traps to overcome, puzzles to solve, swimming and climbing, along with various unique gameplay points which vary from game to game. That brings me on to another point, in all these underground lairs, who the hell make all these traps?

Certain game events in the series and the boss battles use the Quick Time Events (QTE) system which comprises of following the button sequence displayed on the screen. The videos at the end of this piece will demonstrate what QTEs are.

See… I told you he was angry.


Now that completes my overall review of the God of War series, I hope you liked it and should you wish to play them, please come back and tell us your thoughts.

Ill sign off with leaving you some of my favourite parts of the series below. These Video’s do contain SPOILERS.

Happy Gaming

Gav of War

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