This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Christmas has come early, not with one but two brand new Telltale games starting off this week. Today I will be reviewing the first of the series Game of Thrones, based on the TV show and Book series of the same name. For those who know Telltale games you should already have a clue of what to expect but how well did the developers make use of the amazing material they have with Game of Thrones?


Game of Thrones Season 1 takes place after the 3rd TV series and after the first couple of books. I have only read the 1st book and am halfway through the second. Yes there are spoilers to the series and this game is designed with the fans in mind adding more to the original story.

If you do not want spoilers then please do not continue to read the review and catch up with the movies/books first then move onto this game.



Game of Thrones puts you in control of members of the Forrester clan who were supporters of the Starks during the war. How ever a series of unfortunate events has put the House of Forrester in serious danger with many of their enemies trying to take advantage and rid the clan once and for all. The Forrester’s control and craft the rare material ‘Iron Bark’ which one of the hardest light materials available, making it excellent for shields and the like, making their land highly desirable.

Over the course of the series you will play as several different characters that have been referred to in the books but have yet to make an appearance in either the TV show or book series. Each episode seems to have you take control as 3 different characters in various locations throughout the land.

Ethan the new lord of the House of Forrester has to fill his fathers shoes and deal with some unsavoury characters, playing as him you have to make tough choices to being a harsh or fair ruler. Most of this episode is focused around him and for me was the most enjoyable.

Mira Forrester who is located at Kings Landing working for Magarey Tyrell has a handmaiden has to try and save her family through contacts she makes at court. Here you will meet the likes of Tyrion and Cersi Lannister. For her you will have to use a lot of smarts to survive with the most straight forward answer never being the best option.

Gared Tuttle once a squire and now a newly made knight, his path isn’t quite as straight forward as it seems and this character in particular is one that I would love to find more about in the upcoming episodes. He is more action based at the moment and they do seem to have a lot planned for him.

Each episode will have you take control of different characters that could change upon the choices you make. I’ve loved the plot for this so far, it was very well written and did make me believe I was watching an interactive episode of Game of Thrones. There will be a lot of comparison between the Forrester’s and the Stark’s as the situations are nearly identical. I do not want to go into any spoilers but once you start playing this you will see the similarities between the playable characters from this first episode and the Stark family.



For those who have played a Telltale game before you know what to expect, a lot of dialogue where your choices effort the story and people around you combined with some action scenes that are controlled by quick time events. What Game of Thrones does differently is that it switches you between characters from scene to scene just like the TV show. Some scenes are major events such as the court scene with Mira and others are short but add more background to what others characters you might meet in the future. I was worried about how this would work but it actually is awesome just like in the books you cant wait to get to the scenes with the other characters again and really adds some suspense to the experience.

A lot of characters from the show do make appearances with 4 well known characters appearing so far, with more to come in upcoming episodes. Characters do respond just like they would in the series so having abit of background to the characters will help you make the best choices, for example Tyrion loves to annoy Cersi and will always try to get one up on her, where as Cersi will look to embarrass and dominate anyone who she feels is a threat.

This was my first time playing a Telltale game on the new gen and it was worth making the upgrade from iOS. Controls were slightly more complicated and that made the game more fun to play but the series would be fun no matter what format you decide to play it on.



I always love the style of a Telltale game with that cartoony look and this time round they have brought the likeness from the cast of Game of Thrones to life in game form. All the characters from the show so far have been beautifully modelled and voiced by the original cast Cersi Lannister is played yet again to perfection by Lena Hedley and I genuinely felt nervous when you have too interact with her, knowing that one word spoken out of place could have a devastating effect on you and your family.

However the animation this time round isn’t great, I have had some characters disappear in a cutscene before they have left the room and at one point Garett moved faster then ‘The Flash’ in a cutscene. Its like they didn’t have time to test it as these aren’t bugs its more of something in the animation process that has been missed. It does not ruin the game but does take you out of the atmosphere from time to time.

One thing that I was very impressed with is that you do get the shows opening credits at the start of each episode done in Telltale style. Each episode does play like a TV episode which I really enjoyed.



Iron from Ice took me around 2 hours to complete, which is about average for a Telltale episode. There were plenty of different choices to make and I cant wait to go back and maybe tell Cersi what I really think about her and the Lannisters even if I am terrified of her.


I love me some Telltale, although some series work more then others. Walking Dead to date has been their main series but Game of Thrones first episode has got me intrigued to how well will the series progress and if it could compete with Walking Dead for the best Telltale game. So far there has been plenty of violence and some very depressing storylines going on. With the addition of Ramsay Bolton you know that this game is going to be light-hearted. So far there has been no nudity or sex which is the only thing that differs between this and a Game of Thrones TV episode but the series is in its early days.

I cant wait for the next episode and I highly recommend this to both Telltale and Game of Thrones fans.

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