This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Freediving Hunter is a rather unique game created by a former professional spearfisherman. This is the first time I have played on a game in this genre and I have little to no knowledge on spearfishing or diving. Freediving Hunter is available on iOS.


What I really like about Freediving Hunter is you play as a spearfisherman who is completely new to the sport. You are given a tutorial in a in-door pool to allow you to learn the basics of the sport. As you level up you gain access to more advanced areas starting off like a rookie in a sport would in a very easy reef then moving on to some more dangerous destinations. I really enjoyed this as it allowed you to progress with your character very much like you would in real life when you are new to a certain sport.



Look & Feel”]

Look & Feel

Freediving Hunter is gorgeously designed with some really nice ocean floors, with plenty of different varieties of fish that bring a lot of colour to the screen. One of the games strengths is the AI of the fish, who will swim away when they sense your presence and even change routes. The fish themselves are designed to a very high standard, the amount of detail and textures are amazing. The diver and his gear again are to a high quality standard with various different costumes/gear being unlockable.

Sound is one of this games weaknesses, the menu music appears to be of low quality as though it had not been recorded properly. The music does fit in with the theme but its a shame the quality lets it down. The tutors voice does come up with some very helpful tips however I feel the base if off with and at times it does become very distorted.




The aim of Freediving Hunter is simple, catch fish to level up, get better gear and unlock more areas. You take control of a Rookie Spearfisherman and you hunt fish. Catching a certain number of fish levels you up which increases your lung capacity, which enables you to stay under water longer. You shoot fish with a spear gun and then reel them in to successfully catch it. The game is very simple to play and beginners should be able to pick this up easily, the controls as excellent and is very much a game you can just pick up to play from time to time.

I did struggle with motion sickness with the game after playing it for an hour or so giving me a bad headache. I think this is partially due to the way the character moves but in short spells I did find the game to be enjoyable to play.



Lifespan & Overall

There are plenty of levels here for you to unlock, along with gear that effects you abilities. However I found the gameplay to be repetitive and there is no variation in technique to catching the fish. If you are not into Freediving or Fishing you might get bored of this after a few days. But if you are a fan of either of the sports then this could keep you entertained for a while.

Freediving Hunter is a really well made game, by someone who cleary has a lot of interest in the sport. This game is definatly not for everyone as the objective of the game is to hunt and kill fish. I am not really into fishing at all but I did use to enjoy Scuba when I was younger and really like the design of the areas and fish in the game. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys fishing games and want to try something new.

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