Every year I say never again its too addictive and yet I find myself playing on Football Manager year in year out on some platform or another.

For years and years I played on the PC version of the series and the PC version is just in a league of its own compared to other games in the genre. However this year round I decided to go for the portable Football Manager on iOS. Obiously this game will not be as in depth as the PC version but lets see how well it plays.


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In Football Manager you play as yourself, a new Football Manager and you can take control of literally hundreds of team from around the world including the major leagues such as English Prem and La Liga. Licensing is all there so you get all the real players and clubs names.

In the game you really create your own story, developing great friendships or rivialries with other managers and players. You can take control of your fav team and lead them to glory or you could be set as a mid table manager throughout your career. There are literally billions of possibilities and no Football Manager game will have the same outcomes as any other.


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For people who are new to the series you get to control any club of your choice or you can start as unemployed and try the job market. Here you have control the entire team, you decide who you sell and sign whilst trying to keep the clubs budget safe. You get too choose your own line up, set the tactics and if you play it long enough you can even build your very own dream team.

Now as to how its different to the PC. The portable version of the game is very much like a mini Football Manager all of the basics are here but you are missing more then 50% of the game. There is no hiring and sacking of coaching staff for example, tatics are more basic, you cant make friendlies and you can only manage the first team. It really is a game to play on the go and for a casual Football Manager gamer if you are someone who wants to take the game more seriously and loves freedom of what you can do then this might not be for you.

I do have a few minor issues with the game, I feel that transfers are way to high at times. With most premier league players costing around the 20 milion mark or more, It sort of is stupid at times. I also hate that whatever team you choose, I always seem to have less money then what the AI controlled teams have when they are them. The matches also do have some minor issues such as players not following tactics, I always set Alexis Sanchez to take my freekicks and penatlities for example yet it seems that Walcott always takes them in the game although he is not on the takers list.

Now the good things, first the loading times are incredible. They told me to expect longer loading times if you select more leagues but its extremly fast no matter how many you choose. You can complete around 5 matches in less then an hour and thats with the 2d pitch. This game is perfect for a portable game. Also AI on the pitch(not including the set piece takers) has improved dramtically, they move some realistic now with it almost seeming like you are watching a real match on TV.

There have been a few bugs however such as making a sub and the player dissappearing so you end up with 10 men on the pitch. But this has only happened to me twice so far.


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Graphics have not changed over the years with it mainly being a series of menus. The 2d pitch looks great and animations are too a high standard. Not all players have their pictures and you cant really add player faces onto the iOS verison like you could on PC. Menus are easy to navigate and designed very effectively.

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With Football Manager I dont really need to talk about lifespan. You could literally spend years on this game and keep going its never ending. It is highly addictive though as a previous gamers autobiography tells us and there is even a film out about it.

With some many posibilities there is no limit to this game.


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Football Manager 2015 iOS is very much a condensed version of the PC release. And although they play similarly you do not get the full experience you would with the PC version. Football Manager is always going to annoy you as you will not win every game so expect too lose some matches.

For those who want to try something different there is also an option to start your own team when you start a new game. Here you create your own club and see how far you can take them in the league. It might not be for everyone but for those who enjoy a challenge its a great addition.

One thing I loathed about this game however is the extras. I paid for the game and yet you have to pay more for some features that should be free. The editor for example which enables you to move players around and update rosters with the transfer windows you have to pay for and there is no price listed so I have no clue how much it costs and not buying it without a price.

Football Manager 2015 is exactly what it should be, a smaller portable version of the king of Football games. If you love Football Manager I highly recommend getting this for your phone or tablet it really helps when you are bored or if you are on the bus or train. For me its a must for any Football fan but you have too not mind loosing every now and again.

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