This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Its review number 2 of our December catch up and this time its Dynasty Warriors.

This series has been going for many years now and has had plenty of spin offs (itself actually being a spin off from the Romance of the Three Kingdom Series). Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends is actually a Spin Off of a Spin Off. This game is Dynasty Warriors first outing on the new generation of console, so lets see how it fairs.



For those new to the Dynasty Warriors series the game tells the story of close to real life events of the 3 Kingdoms fighting to rule China: The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The story has had various different films and has got some really good (if not over the top) characters included. Here you have the chance to play as either the Wei, Wu or Shu as well as the relatively new Jun dynasty and of course the classic Lu Bu storyline.

Here you will play some of histories greatest battles that are loosely based on real events. Throughout the years the series has changed to include battles you play through but you can not win, it also includes character deaths if they indeed did happen around that time. There are alternative histories you can take which unlock new battles to try and save a characters life but they really only open a new event in the battle and don’t add anything major to the game.

I personally love the Romance of the Three Kingdoms storyline and it has a huge fan base. It even includes a detailed listing of background to the characters and the real life events that they were involved in. The story is told in a very over the top way like a cheesy Martial Arts film but it works and makes the game a lot of fun to play.



Dynasty Warrior game series have changed very little for me over the past few years it still is sort of a button bashing game where using the right sequence of buttons enables you to pull off some devastating combos.

Each of the 83 playable characters(each with their own unique design) do have there own attacks, animations and fighting styles adding some variety but the controls remain the same so essentially if you master one you have mastered them all. Some characters however are faster or have stronger attacks others such as Lu Bu or Guan Yu are just all round amazing so if your looking for an easy game just choose either of these two.

There are several different game modes in Xtreme Legends, including the original Story mode where you play as one of the 4 Dynasties and the Lu Bu storyline which is largely fiction based. Each vary in size and difficulty but roughly include around 8-10 battles that could last anywhere form 15-60 minutes depend on difficulty and winning conditions.

Throughout the battle you will be given instructions form generals on what to do that will trigger events if you are successful and could have devastating effects if failed. These do add plenty of replay value to certain battles as some events only happen depending on which missions you have already completed.

The usual mini games have been added where you have to either beat a time limit or defeat a certain amount of enemies to beat the high score. This is an OK distraction from the main game even if it gets repetitive but does award your efforts with Trophies and Gamescore points.

A new feature added this year is similar to some of the games past side game modes. Here you select any character and fight in mini battles gaining gold, allies and reputation to try and host an event for the emperor. This adds a massive 50 hours of game time and once completed to get another achievement you have to do it all other again but this mode is very repetitive for me completing the same missions time and time again just with different characters and once you have finished allying yourself with everyone they replace the characters with names like Officer. It really is just a time consuming task although is enjoyable for the first 10 hours or so.



All 83 characters are individually modelled and fully voiced with their own unique personalities. The music is still awesome with the mix of Chinese themed music to electric guitar, I personally love it especially the Lu Bu theme which to me is one of the best EVER.

Graphic wise it suffers the same fate as a lot of early PS4 games that were also designed for the past gen, they look OK but are in no way to a good PS4 standard of game. Level design although varied as a lot of empty space and times and some of the buildings look similar.



Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends is massive, 5 full story modes to play through each having several characters to choose from and the new Ambition mode does make this game around 100hours long. However it is repetitive in terms of gameplay and battlegrounds. The 83 characters do add more to the length of game but I would imagine a lot of you will get bored at around the 40hour mark.


Dynasty Warriors hasn’t really changed over the years for me. The introduction of new characters is good but some designs are bland and unappealing. However this game is tons of value for what you pay, lots of playable characters and game modes do make this game worth buying even if it does get repetitive fast.

I would recommend this game to someone who has not played the series before, it’s so much fun first time round and they storyline is excellent.

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