This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. This is the first of my indiedev reviews and I begin with Dungeon 101 by TinyCell Studio. Dungeon 101 is a free to play game that is currently available from the iTunes store. See link .

Look & Feel”]

Look & Feel

Dungeon 101 looks great for an indie game, the character designs are excellent and the detail of some of the enemies is fantastic. I was expecting a sort of Gauntlet style game when I first saw this but it is something completely different and quite refreshing.

The dungeons are bright and full of colour, with enemies and picks ups really standing out on screen. I particularly like the ogre type creatures and you can tell that some real care and effort has been put into creating this game. Depending on what weapon you use to attack with also is animated different for example with the bombs you get a mini explosion, I really liked the attention to the small details the developer has made.

One negative thing though is the adventurers design, the animation for her is great but lets just say she is overly big in a certain area (I mean seriously she makes the Dead or Alive girls look average) and the proportion isn’t right it looks comically bad. I know its a certain anime still but when the sprite is so small it doesn’t look right.

The general sound of the game is good and really creates an atmosphere for the game and nothing feels out of place. The music plays on a loop but I honestly doubt many gamers will survive long enough to hear it too many times.



Dungeon 101 you play as a nameless adventurer exploring one of its many randomly generated dungeons where are sort of nasty creatures are lurking. Your goal is to keep the adventurer alive for as long as possible and beat your high score. You have 3 lives so you have to be careful.

The game is on rails so the main character moves by herself, with you choosing which weapon she should use to defend herself and attack by tapping the screen. Weapons have different effects , so for example rocks wont have the same attack radius as a bomb so you will have to be more accurate. Controls are very easy to use and can be played by anyone.

The character will also change direction from time to time so you always have to be paying attention and with enemies automatically generating on screen, so you really have to be on the look out for enemies. The only criticism I have is that the enemies AI isn’t always the best, some will wonder off or come near you then not attack.

Ammunition is brought by tapping the icon at the bottom of the screen, each weapon is priced differently and they appear randomly. You earn gold by killing more monsters. Now I have certain problems using some of these, knives are by far my favourite they are uber you will need to buy these we possible they wipe everything out. Bombs are also OK if you hit anywhere near the enemy they will die, I also liked the hammers but the Rocks are awful, you have to be spot on with these and they just aren’t worth it.


One feature that is not explained in the tutorial is that you teleport by taping the lighting bolt on the bottom right hand corner of the screen then tap anywhere on the map. This does come in handy from time to time and has a well timed re-charge system. One major problem with this game though is the bloody bats, they shoot some sort of projectile at you and your character will walk right into it taking away a life. This is OK if it happens once in a while, but these attacks can come from bats that aren’t on the screen. There is also no recovery time, so if you get hit you are vulnerable to another attack immediately after. It does become annoying when you get to around the 50 point mark then 3 projectiles are launch at you and you cant dodge then its game over. I also feel the collision detection is slightly off for the Bats I can only seem to hit them with knives.

Dungeon 101 has a classic arcade style game with you aiming to beat your high score from your previous attempt. The more enemies you defeat the higher your score. You can access the world high scores on the main menu I think I am in the top 20 at 50 something with the highest being 123 so good luck you if you can get anywhere near that.



With the numerous different amount of dungeons and with randomly spawning enemies playing this game you will never have the same experience. It is quite addictive and you will always be pushing to beat your high score.



I really enjoyed this game and I think it makes an excellent on the go portable game. With most play throughs lasting anywhere between 3 -10 minutes it is a great game to play on the bus or train to work. The developer has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to portable app games, short, addictive and easy to play.

With this game being free and it being a very quick download I recommend everyone should at least give this game ago. I am looking forward to more games by this developer.

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