This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Dragon Age Inquisition is the third game to be released in the impressive Dragon Age series from BioWare, who in the past have brought us games such as Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Here at My Games Lounge a lot of us have been looking forward to this game all year and personally this was the game that I was most excited about. But will it live up to the hype?



BioWare games strengths tend to be in its story telling, so a lot of expectation has been put on Dragon Ages story. Inquisition puts you in control of a created character of which you can choose from one of 4 different races each have a set of classes to choose from Rouge, Warrior and Mage (excluding Dwarfs who can’t use magic in Dragon Age). Depending on the Race, Gender and Class you choose will determine how other characters react to you. In Dragon Age a lot of prejudice exists and the writers have done very well in getting this across in a way that I have not seen in a game to date.

The main story takes place 10 years after Origins, there is a gathering of all the major leaders from the Chantry, Templars and Mages when a disaster strikes killing everyone present apart from yourself who wakes up with a glowing scar on your hand. The scar has the ability to close demon portals from the Fade (essentially Hell) and with this you can use it to control the world or save it. But of course an evil force also wants this power and will stop at nothing to get it. Yourself and 3 Dragon Age characters(as well as a new one) from the past form the Inquisition a group that is trying to save the world and believe themselves to be supported by a holy power.


There has been a lot of negativity regarding the story from certain critics and although the main storyline is not the strongest I believe the depth of the story and the side stories really make this game an interesting tale. Each of your followers and key members of the Inquisition all have interesting Background stories that make you genuinely care for them. If you have read my other two posts on Dragon Age you will know that I adore the character Sera but all the characters are an interesting bunch and do make the game more enjoyable then previous games as all of them have a certain appeal to them. Character conversations also change if you take them on certain missions, for example Dorian does loved that you took him into the Fade, where as Solas gets jealous that he didn’t go and Sera freaks out it really adds more of a believable storyline and that you feel the characters are actually alive.

One interesting feature that Dragon Age introduces is a Dragon Age Keep. This is where you link your account to the website and are able to choose the outcomes of the previous Dragon Age games plus the DLC. This is amazing as it opens up the game to people who have not played the series before. I highly recommend you take a look at this before you start the game.

The only negative thing I can say about the storyline is the plot holes between some of the games event from previous games. The reaction between two major characters from the original game was very lacking and in the way that one of those individuals left I was expecting something with more of a bang. The ending is also very anti-climatic but the scene after the credits was jaw dropping and highly recommend you all stay around to watch it.




Dragon Age Inquisition has tried something new to the series by becoming an Open World RPG. Although this is not on the scale of Skyrim this offers you a series of different Sandbox worlds all with different situations playing out were you have to sort. They all have numerous amounts of varied missions that can range from something simple like collect 10 Goat pelts to something more advanced such as kill an enemy leader. This very much reminded me of an MMORPG with the types on missions you get. Enemies do spawn which can seem unfair at times especially after defeating a giant then two more spawn but that is only on the rarest of occasion.

Combat system has been changed slightly but should be very easy to pick up. Holding down a certain button will make your character attack with the special attacks mapped to certain buttons, with console your are limited to 8 slots but with PC I would imagine it is a lot more. But you tend to find the attacks you like and stick with them anyway. Just like in previous games you can choose 3 party members to go with you at a time and finding the right mix is essential. They also interact with each other in the game as you wonder round and certain main enemies will also interactive with them making some interesting conversations.

A new feature in Inquisition is the War Room, this is where you can unlock new areas to explore and continue with the main story. To unlock certain things you have to gain power points, these are gained rather easily by completing side missions and I do feel these are dished out rather bizarrely for major missions you seem to get the same for doing something mediocre so the balancing isn’t quite right and makes gaining these too easy at times. With the War Room you also have the option to send your 3 advisors on special missions, this will unlock resources, special items, new allies and will please some of your followers. This is done on a time based system where each option will take a certain amount of time and it is up to you which one you choose, however the quickest option isn’t always the best and may end up in a failure. These are quite fun and tend to range anywhere from 10 minutes to 22 hours, this may seem like a lot but the mission timer continues even when you are not playing so you can set a mission off before you go to work and it will be done by the time you get home. These give you more of a background to the world around you and are quite interesting to read though at times.

The difficulty of the game is quite random, I only played through it on Easy and only struggled on two occasions once against spawning giants and another time against the second to last boss. I would recommend playing on this game on Normal unless you are only playing it for the story but Easy is what it is and the final boss I didn’t even have to use a potion against to defeat.

Bugs are a plenty at the moment with the PS4 version, some speech options wont work as it seems the scene is missing and I have floated mid air on a few occasions. One particularly weird bug after sleeping with Sera she rolled off the screen with a weird look on her face, it was very creepy. I have been told bugs are not an issue on PC or Xbox One and a patch will soon be released to fix these but I do not feel these bugs make the game any less enjoyable and will be fixed in the future.




Dragon Age Inquisition does look great and character designs are true to the original games. Some of the characters look truly amazing particularly Cullen and Sera. The whole design of the world is brilliant and animations also look great. Level design has also improved from the previous game with each area looking new and although a few of the palaces looked samey you will not find yourself exploring the same areas time and time again like you did with Dragon Age 2.

However I have encountered some clipping issues such as hair disappearing into someone’s face and some armours not fitting certain characters. I also encountered a weird problem when playing as a Qunari that certain armours would not load and I ended up in my normal clothes even when the armour was equipped?

Sound is where this game shines, the voice cast is beyond perfect and the casting team have done a great job. All the voices fit the characters and all the actors performed brilliantly throughout. The music(when it works) fits the game well. I want to mention the amazing bard her signing is amazing and it really adds to the atmosphere of the game, she is great singer and I will be buying the soundtrack for the game just to hear her voice again.

The Bugs however have worked there way into the sound so currently on PS4 the music will not play at times so you will be fighting in silence. The Sound Effects also have the habit of stopping or being out of sync at times but they tend to fix themselves at times.



This game is MASSIVE, I played through it quickly and it took me around 50 hours to complete and I still have a lot of side missions to complete and that was on Easy. I would guess you are looking at roughly between 75-100 hours easy if you decide to play on a higher difficulty and look to complete all the missions and that is without dying. You will need a lot of time on your hands to play this game.

The replay value is also huge, with major choices happening throughout the game that will determine where the story leads and even what enemies you will fight. I honestly cannot wait to play through this game but choosing to side with different factions this time round.




Dragon Age Inquisition is truly an incredible game, bugs aside this is close to being the best RPG I have ever played on and although does not have the freedom of how to play as we have with Origins(Can’t play as a Blood Mage for example) it is a more fun game to play and significantly longer than any other from the series.

The plot although isn’t BioWare’s best is still solid and enjoyable. But where this game shines is the interactivity you have with the world and the people around you and I felt after playing that the choices I made really had an effect on the outcome of the story and the world around me.

I highly recommend Dragon Age to all RPG fans and for those who enjoy a good story. However due to its length and amount of time you spend talking it might not be for those who just enjoy games that all action. It is very adult with humour, blood and there is nudity. I loved this game and is well worth the £40-50 price tag and for the amount of content and enjoyment I got, I would have happily paid double that to play on this game it is a must buy!

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