This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Devil May Cry has always been one of my favourite games, you kind of become attached to a game that has been with you through your child hood. So when I received DMC for Xmas this year and saw Dante was a sexy young guy and not my white haired sexy middle aged guy…I had my doubts. I think you will find this review weird and interesting, because believe me, the first couple of hours of this game completely changed my mind about DMC, was it in a good or bad way though?

First cut scene flashes on to my screen and all I can see is a cascade of strippers, boobs, booze and Dante being a male whore….and the sound of hard-core screamo metal. Do I continue? Of course I do….

As the cut scene ends and the first fight scene begins, the new Dante is pictured butt naked and hung-over in the door of his trailer whilst a demon from limbo (The Hunter) grabs his trailer and sends it hurtling through the air…..(not bad ay?) It gets worse….Dante then flies butt naked through the air with inanimate objects covering his nether regions whilst he gets dressed whilst falling into his clothes….Oh dear….Cringe worthy and Awkward.

Things do start to get better though, as the controller comes to life and it’s my turn to take centre stage I begin to realise the fighting platform hasn’t changed (Thank god!)

So I’m there throwing in some combos and kicking some butt when I realise I may have been a bit harsh especially when Ebony and Ivory make there appearance. It has some of the characteristics of the original DMC but just vamped up the characters, which I guess they are allowed to do ;).


The loading times are slow and the graphics are your standard Capcom graphics nothing to rave about, static mesh problems both in video mode and game play, messy looking. The dolls that are found hanging from random ceilings and sat on electric chairs throughout limbo are pretty impressive and this is something I enjoyed looking at.

Game play

Easy to use combos and weapon skills. Shooting is auto targeted so good to use when combo’s need to continue. Enemies are a little dumb, they will wait for you to kill other enemies before attacking you, or they will walk into your line of fire thus killing them selves. Some of the designs of the enemies remind me a lot of Resident Evil’s, Guys with Chainsaws etc.

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