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The BioShock series have always been good in general but this one has features and story lines which will completely change the way you play BioShock.

The game is set in a floating city of Columbia set in 1912 where the only mode of transportation is a Sky-Line roller-coaster (I want in my house). The whole town is run by the Vox Populi who if I may say are slightly scary with there beliefs and superstitions. You are Booker DeWitt a Pinkerton Agent who has been sent to this utopia for a young girl named Elizabeth, who is being kept in a statue in the middle of the city, bad news is she is being kept prisoner and her guard is a massive mechanical bird known as the SongBird.

The graphics when you first enter Columbia are superb, I would definitely say the best game aesthetically I have played this year, absolutely stunning.

A game can be art as well you know!

The game design is brilliant, movement weapons and skills are easy to use and quick to draw for when the fight gets heated. The characters in the game have got some of the best profiles and background stories I have come across in a long time and the AI isn’t annoying!! For instance…one of my pet hates in the gaming world is where you have to look after another character that appears to be vulnerable, (worst example of this is Leon and Ashleigh from the Resident Evil franchise…..Grrrrr…) but when you are faced with Elizabeth in this game she is more of a blessing then a liability. With her amazing searching skills for ammo and meds and her weird psychokinetic skills she is one of the best AI’s I have ever ‘babysat’ throughout a game.

In the game there are sub missions and collectables which I actually found extremely hard to find. You have to use your head quite a bit in the game which at first I wasn’t expecting as it is genre’d as an FPS but you soon understand why they need you to focus your mind as well as your trigger finger. With more twists and turns then the Smiler at Alton Towers this game will have you thinking hard and waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat trying to figure out clues to storyline.

There are available DLC’s for this game though I have not experienced these myself.

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