This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Maybe more of a mini-review given that this Beta is more of a demo than anything else but it’s more than worth analysing if not just for one particular reason… but more on that later.

Battlefield Hardline was shown off at the end of the EA Games Press Conference at E3 after being teased a few days before. The trailer involved a flurry of bullets, crazy action between criminals and police in a city as the cops try to stop thieves as they make away with money from some armoured trucks.

The fact is, I really like the cops and robbers approach, it’s different and something we can all identify with. Plus, you know who the bad guys are, all the war game play the “grey area” card where you are left thinking “oh, they are not that bad really they had their reasons…” blah blah. No, with Hardline I’m either the law or I’m the thief and I’m happy with that distinction.

Now, Battlefield 4 is not even a year old and it’s taken them a lot of that time to get the game working so lets not fool ourselves in any way, Hardline is pure Battlefield 4 with a new layer on top simple as that as our good friend Alex pointed out having not been that impressed.

Myself and Alex were coming at this from different perspectives here, Alex has played a lot of Battlefield 4 and I have in fact missed it but having enjoyed Hardline I will be picking a copy up for comparison. Having not played BF4 I thought the game was fun, Alex on the other hand clearly feels it the same thing with bits missing. As I say, losing the military aspect for me was a good thing to break up the monotony of shooters that all see the same but having said that there is a lot to lose here, namely the big ass military vehicles like Tanks, sorry Alex! This is something that can’t be ignored, remembering this is a beta the guys have time to develop something here to make the game feel not only less the same but also less like you are losing something in the process. But thats not all they need to take from the beta, to be continued…

Modes, Maps & Money

Battlefield_Hardline_2_WM.0_cinema_1920.0 The Beta gave us the chance to play Heist or Bloodmoney. Heist sees the criminals breaking into armored cars and trying to hold on to the loot, cops stop them and hold on to the package themselves. Blood Money has cops collecting evidence from criminals who are out to steal as much money as possible, both modes had their moments but I quite liked Heist the best due to the fast pacing and general fun factor. Graphically the game looks great and the sounds are generally good but for the common vehicle sound issue where it simply vanishes for some reason. Destruction is as you would expect, really cool with the giant falling crane providing the levolution moment of the map in downtown LA we saw, this was impressive and really fun each time it would happen on the map and always changed the game so more of these please Visceral once this is done! The game is fun, some of the weapons were really devastating but required plenty of game dollars to get so it will be competitive to earn the big guns and gadgets here.

Overall… a big test!

Don’t hide from the gamer gunfire EA!

Here it comes, the big decision and thought I have on this game. EA came out at E3 with a much warmer, more open approach to development of games and of course their motto of “putting the player first.” Well Battlefield Hardline is going to be a big test of that because I am fully aware of the opinion. This is more a Battlefield 4 Add-on than it is a full retail game… and fans have said this all over the place especially twitter and will EA listen? Lets look at the game overall rather than just the beta for a moment, the single player is somewhat of a mystery to date however it has been spoken about in brief. Visceral want players to be able to complete objectives in the main campaign in a number of different ways rather than a linear path of shooting, this is of course a good thing if they deliver and Cops VS Robbers single player would be great so long as we can play both sides. Then there are the people went digging and found some more potential Maps and Multiplayer modes:

So with all this content wise the game has plenty to offer, but we know this is not a real “new game” if you like. Players I have spoken with and myself included, are not exactly thrilled at the thought of this game coming out as a full retail copy of the game, particularly if you have already played and paid good money for BF4. So…..

What do the “new EA” do here?

That really is the big question here, do they listen to the players here since that’s what they are saying they will do? Will they turn around and say, we agree it is using Battlefield 4 code and we are going to sell the game at a discount RRP and… not only that, but if you have Battlefield 4 already you get a % discount to download it? EA portrayed themselves at E3 as putting the players first and what they say will be listened to so surely this is something they will consider.

For me, this would be the correct thing to do in this case, certainly the discount for people who already own BF4. But this type of call is so anti-EA its practically an Indie Game principal. So what happens from here? Personally I would love to see them do something like this, to release the game cheaper and show they are not all about money (as they count their millions from the Dragon Age: Inquisition, FIFA 15 etc sales) and give the players a good game at a lower price following the feedback out there.

Will it happen? Unlikely, but if it is ever going to happen, it will be following that briefing where they obviously tried to improve their image and relationship with gamers so watch this space!

For more on Battlefield Hardline keep on My Games Lounge as we continue to follow this game and will peruse every avenue to get an interview with the developer of the title.

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