This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the review has been altered however. Well well well gamers, here is my review of the Indie Game Fatal Theory by Matt & Adam Carr of 2 Hit Studios. Now just because I really have enjoyed getting to knows the guys Matt & Adam I wont pull any punches in this review.

Its Rubbish.

Joking aside lets get to it.

Look & Feel”]

Look & feel

Fatal Theory is an old school retro graffiti looking beat em up and I really liked the look of it as soon as I turned it on.

The artwork is well designed and the style lends itself very well to the game and the setting its trying to portray.

Story & Characters”]

Story & Characters




It begins as a quite day, Nick Mayhem is just settling down for a friday night gaming session when the news breaks. Zombies are running a muck and something needs to be done.

You are engaged from the first scene, I had the thought ” hello whats this nutter going to get up too.”

Nick tools up and heads to the streets.

The story is superb, with each level you play you wonder who Nick might meet, what he might do or say next.

The cut scenes take you along the full story very well.  These may include some quick banter with a talking sword or a choice line to his good friend Joe. They also provide the platform to meet the other mainplayers in the story  and it all moves along very nicely.




Gameplay is simple but effective. During the game you can upgrade Nick and also have the option to select an ally who will fight by your side as you progress the more allies you have to choose from.

You can purchase new weapons as you progress through the story and as you gain experience with these weapons you unlock its individual rage moves.

Using rage moves depletes your rage power which then has to build back up again.  Rage moves can be in the form of an attack or as I would describe it as a ranged rage move. These can be performed by pressing down & B in one instance and also down, left, A in another.

Its also with the gameplay I have my slight disappointment. All the weapons feel kind of the same due to the way the enemies react, but truth be told thats my only slight Grumble.

Sometime the levels do become clustered which can make it difficult to see whats going on.

The pace and movement of the game is good, Nick can run at a pretty sharp rate of knots & take to the air with relative ease where the combo fun can really begin.


Game Modes”]

Game Modes

Fatal Theory allows you play through the story. It also provides you with a arcade mode which allows you to co-op with a friend to battle the zombie hordes.

If you have been following myself, Adam or Matt on twitter you will be aware that there will be a brother battle to prove who reigns supreme at Fatal Theory. The 2p Vs mode will facilitate this showdown of the ages.

I would not have been surprised if there had just been the story mode. For a game the size of Fatal Theory I found the options provided very good.



The Bad Guys
The Bad Guys

Being a huge fan of retrogaming and massive combo’s Fatal Theory impressed me. The game itself is well put together from start to finish. The story, graphics and playability all compliment each other very well to bring you the exciting tale of Nick Mayhem.

It had me wanting to complete the next stage to see what was going to happen next. I can appreciate that we dont all have the same sense of humour & it is this point where Fatal Theory could be a miss for some. I found it hilarious.

Fatal Theory is a very good game that I found highly enjoyable.

If Fatal Theory sounds like something you would enjoy you can get your copy here.

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