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MGL Articles Explained

MGL is an indiependent gaming site ran by gamers but that doesn’t mean you should get poor quality articles. Here our focus in on quality, good to read – or watch – content that is informative and interesting.

Or principle remains the same here on MGL, gaming is fun and for everyone to enjoy no matter where you are from, what you believe or how you game.

if you enjoy games, no matter how you choose to play them. You are a gamer.

Below is a run down of our main sections which are Gaming Articles, Latest Gaming News, Reviews and Videos.

So you are not flooded with text we have hidden them behind some toggles, simply click the headers you want to see. Each section has an About toggle, this is text about the different articles.

Below that is a second toggle with the latest articles in that category. Enjoy and thanks for checking out MGL.

Gaming Articles Section Explained

Gaming Articles Section - What We Cover

Gaming Articles is a main area of MGL and includes all our impressions, previews and editor opinion articles. You can also see posts from the gamer dads here for family games.

Below is a list of articles we cover on MGL along with a brief description of what they cover.

Editor Opinion

Editor opinion is where the MGL gamers write their opinion on gaming. Whether this be the industry overall, a specific game or format. We talk about all things gaming on MGL and encourage readers to get involved too.

Gameplay Diaries | Gaming Articles

Gameplay Diaries are where the gamers on MGL record impressions of their gameplay in a series of blog articles. We talk about the game as we play it, giving our impressions of the game’s features as we build to the official review.

Following Gameplay Diaries on MGL

Unlike a Let’s Play Video, a gameplay diary is a written log of a member of our team playing through a game.

The release of our gameplay diaries will depend on adherence to embargo rules set by developers and when we receive games.

If we receive a game at the same time as it releases, rather than rush an official review we will update the site with regular gameplay diary entries giving impressions, thoughts and experiences as we play through the title.

Once the official review is completed we will usually use this as the final entry.

Gamer Blogs

Gamer Blogs are for the community of gamers here to share their gaming experiences. We run an open submission policy to gamers who want to blog about their favourite, and not so favourite games.

What’s in the Gamer Blogs?

Here gamers blog about their gameplay and may submit videos from YouTube along with other fun examples of gaming prowess. This may be an opinion piece on a game, a character, a developer or even a gaming format.

Other blogs may include a look at the gaming industry in general talking about the battle of the consoles or upcoming games that could be a big hit or a bit miss.

We encourage our members to contribute regularly and really bring some interesting gamer blogs to the MGL readers.

Indie Dev Blog

The MGL Indie Dev Blog is where our friends making indie games have the chance to share their latest updates on the games they are making.

In the Indie Dev Blog, game developers can submit any kind of update to MGL they want to on their game and keep our interested readers up-to-date. This can be anything from a little bit of detail on their game or an update on where the development process is up to. It may also be a final run down of the game’s features before they launch.

There are so many cool indie developers out there and we want to bring you the latest updates here on the MGL Indie Dev Blog.


Impressions from the MGL team on the latest and upcoming video games. Here we give our opinion based on hands-on time with video games.

These include early access games still in development, Beta builds and gameplay from conventions.

In-Depth Impressions

We love to play games and we play a number of titles that are currently in development. Sometimes these are from events and others we play early access versions of titles via steam.

These will be written in a similar tone to a gameplay diary but also include more critical points similar to an official review. With games in progress we will never give them a review score but we will give our thoughts on the game.


Interviews with video game developers are always interesting to gamers and here you will find our written and recorded conversations with the gaming industry’s development teams. We speak with all developers from the big companies to the indie devs, getting as much variety as possible.

Interviews We Love to Share

Everybody loves talking to the people behind the games, and on MGL we like to share written and video interviews with developers as much as we can.

As a UK based gaming site, expect us to focus on local developers with interesting stories to tell. We do also get interviews from all over the world of course, talking to the big companies in gaming to the smaller independent developers.


Previews on upcoming titles in gaming. Here we look at PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC games as they are about to release, with in-depth analysis of the features and potential of the game.

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Latest Gaming News Section Explained

Latest Gaming News Section - What We Cover

Latest gaming news is a main area of MGL that covers the latest gaming updates, including trailers and news for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo and Indie Games.

“What’s The Latest Gaming News?”

For all you Gamers out there, we know what you want to read about. All the latest details on video games coming to your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo console along with updates for people who game on their PC.  Here we’ll cover the latest in gaming from first party, to 3rd party developers and all the indie games developers out there.

We regularly update MGL with all the latest games that are available along with new game announcements and big reveals from all the developers and publishers, big and small.


We update our trailers regularly with the latest gameplay, teasers and reveals from developers. On MGL you will be able to watch these on our video player and take in the latest from all the major games developers and publishers.

Any trailers released will be put within the Latest Gaming News for you to check out alongside a playlist of other videos for you to enjoy.

Latest Gaming News Updates

Our news updates will consist of details about games sent from games developers. If this includes a trailer it will be linked to the trailers section of the website but also include any new details released about the game. These may include new images, feature reveals or release dates.

Any News updates will be found here for you to read up on the latest developments with these awesome games. On a day by day basis we will review the Latest Gaming News and update MGL with the relevant and interesting reveals for our readers.

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Latest Articles

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Reviews Section Explained

Reviews Section - What We Cover

Reviews are an in depth look into the latest PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Games and how much we at MGL would recommend them to our readers. We cover all the big formats and focus on Indie Game Reviews too to support their games.

We’ll be regularly covering all the latest Reviews on MGL, following our policies as listed below.

Reviews Policy on MGL

Every review on MGL follow the same principals of how we score games. We will always prioritise bringing our readers a quality, in-depth and honest review that gives our official verdict on the game.

This will be done as close to release as we can, which of course depends on when we acquire the game and how long it takes to complete. Our first priority is to deliver the quality which may mean the release of the reviews may be delayed if the reviewer is not comfortable.

Our guideline is to release a review within 10 days of a release. You can always track our Gameplay Diaries for updates as we play the game with impressions and some first-hand experiences.

Look and Feel

We’ll always include a section on the game’s appearance, presentation and atmosphere. This will look at the graphics of the game and its performance graphically too.

The presentation of the game overall including things like menus, navigation and cut-scenes. Additionally, this will look at the elements that make the atmosphere of the game like soundtrack, voice acting and even the artwork of the environments.

This will be reflected in the overall review score.


If a game has a single player mode or a storyline to follow we will complete it and give our verdict on the plot, characters and how it all works as you play through the campaign.

We’ll avoid spoilers as much as possible and give an honest and objective verdict on how well the developers have told a story.


If the game has online multiplayer or is primarily a multiplayer focus title, our reviews will have a dedicated section for it and look at the modes available in depth. This will give you what we think are the best modes, where the game can improve and what it’s like to play overall.


The most significant part of most games for most gamers, what is it like to play. All the details on the experience of playing the game through, what works and what doesn’t. Taking an objective look at all the elements promised from the game before release, and how they have turned out in the end.


Games can look great and have solid gameplay mechanics, but just not be that fun to play. We always give an idea how much fun the game is to play. This will be reflected in the summary text, along with the lifespan of the game.


Surprisingly, games still use scoring systems and so do we. Most of the review is in the text but we score the review at time of release too. This is a score as the game releases and as we play it so if a patch has been applied we’ll take it into consideration, if not then the score is as it stands on release.

We may revisit some review scores but only if the core game is altered in a big way. Patches will not count here.

Everything on MGL is about being fair to the reader and ensuring you see the best gaming review you possibly can.

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Videos Section Explained

Videos Section - What We Cover

On MGL we release quality written articles but like to talk about gaming on our videos too. Here you can watch our original videos, see MGLMix Let’s Play videos, the MGLMix podcast with conversations between the gamers here. Plus our MGLMix-up with updates from Respawn Rossco too.

Here’s what videos we will release on MGL:

Let’s Play Videos

Let’s Play videos here on MGL take you through some of the latest and greatest games. We also play classics, indie games and more.

Gamers, Let’s Play!

We love to play amazing games and, similar to our written gameplay diaries, we want to share our gameplay with you.

Here you will be able to see us play the games we are reviewing for MGL or even some that are in early access. These will be viewable live on our MGLMix Twitch stream or via our YouTube uploads.

MGLMix Update Videos

Our MGLMixUp is our weekly gaming video show, with including an update from the world of gaming and the Respawn Rants feature. Rossco will go through the latest in gaming and have a good old rant about it all from his point of view.

We’ll also have a dedicated indie games MGLMixUp every fortnight.

MGLMix Podacast

Our MGLMix podcast, or videocast, is between a few members of the MGL team were two or three gamers get together via Skype. We love to talk about the industry, get our ideas put there and get guests featured too.

The MGLMix Podcast with Game ‘N Respawn

The most frequently updated Podcast will be with David Game and Respawn Rossco. Together they will look at gaming and bring you a fortnightly podcast.

David is a lover of Japanese RPG games and a bug follower of Anime. He also likes adventure games and is MGL’s Destiny expert, and a multi-format gamer.

Rossco is another RPG fan bit tends to like games based around strong storylines. Final Fantasy, Mass Effect and The Last of Us rank among his idea of the best games out there.

Both love gaming and are not afraid to talk some controversial subjects and give some strong opinions on gaming. We will look at the big upcoming releases, the performance of both consoles and how both PlayStation and Xbox are performing.

David and Rossco will also talk about the big events like E3 both looking ahead and reflecting on the event.

Keep updated with our podcasts on MGL by following us on Twitter, liking and following out Facebook page and subscribing on YouTube. You can also see streams live in our Twitch channel here.

Latest Articles