This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the content has been altered however. So after the less then impressive past gen version of WWE 2k15 I was looking forward to getting my hands on the years WWE game on the PS4. I love the WWE game series and was gutted when the past gen version was the worst I have played for well over a decade. Will the new gen version be any better? Well so far yes and no……

First off lets talk about the amazing graphics, it looks so life like at times with certain superstars. I would like to pick out Ryback in particular who I always put in my rivalries for Universe mode now as he is the best character model that I have ever seen in a wrestling game. The menu screens look fresh and really do stand out although if you are new to the series sometimes the instructions aren’t clearly labelled especially in Universe mode which will make it hard for newbies to the series to get the most out of this mode. Sound wise the syncing problem is a thing of the past and sound effects are almost perfect with its timing. Commentary still is pretty dumb but there is less of hearing the same lines over and over again. One thing I found strange was some of the characters voices are missing? Luke Harpers weird chant has disappeared and I thought that was hilarious to do as a taunt in the past gen version.


Gameplay wise it is slightly better in places, there is less of the superstars hovering/gliding into positions when you try a floor grapple you will automatically move the other superstar to perform the move within a space with the right amount of room. The animations in general have improved significantly and it does have more realism behind it. Unfortunately though the matches seem to have slowed down and this new grapple mini game is just pointless and boring. I am going as far as looking to see if I can turn off this feature as it is just dumb and actually quite annoying. Other then that it is pretty solid and an improvement on the last game, the triple threat and fatal four way matches are actually now more fun then they have ever been especially with the new stamina system where one of the downed opponents can crawl their way over to someone to break up or steal a pin.

The modes are still pretty much the same as the last gens, Universe mode has fewer bugs but I have not played on it long enough to see how many times I see the same animations. The My Career mode is a welcome addition where you take a created superstar through the ranks building them up to be the next big superstar in WWE. I would have preferred the chance to pick a WWE superstar but I guess the storyline would not have worked that way.


At the moment in time I am enjoying the new gen a considerable amount more then I did on the past gen. However it is still far from the best in the series. I do love that William Regal has been included as he is one of my favs ever and he more then likely will go undefeated in my game.

One thing I must warn you about and has really winded me up is the Season Pass is very misleading. The Season Pass for years has been like any other game, pay a set amount and get all later DLC for one price with few minor exceptions. This year 2k games promised Paige as an exclusive character to those who purchase the Season Pass implying that when you purchase it you will get it. However she is not available yet, nearly a month after the games release on the past gen. On top of this all the good DLC that 2k have talked about is rumoured not to be included in the Season Pass and you will have to purchase it separately. I will need to confirm this for definite but after shipping out £19.99 for a Season Pass where at the moment all I got was the accelerator(unlocks everything) a very steep price.

A review for WWE 2k15 on the PS4 will be coming very soon and is already better then the past gen version. I would however hold off on buying the Season Pass for now as you currently don’t get what was advertised and it is still unclear as to what you will be getting in the long run with it.

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