World Of Final Fantasy Gameplay & Release Date Revealed


If you are a lover of this classic series, this game is going to put a serious smile on your face as this World of Final Fantasy gameplay reveals all the famous characters working together to combat a common enemy. The game is coming to PS4, PS Vita on October 28 and this is going to be one to pick up for fans.

To see Tidus and Yuna together again is a pleasure in itself for me but then we have Cloud and the FFVII team not to mention Squall and Vivi playing a part along with modern heroes like Snow and Lightning. After the confirmation of Final Fantasy XII Remaster Yesterday, I’m only one more piece of FF news (specifically about the Final Fantasy VII Remake) away from a geek-gasm.

Fortunately, I certain we’ll be getting a lot more at E3 Very Soon. Check out some additional details on World of Final Fantasy below.


Square Enix Ltd. today announced that its epic and adorable adventure WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY will arrive in Europe and PAL territories later this year on 28th October 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 Computer Entertainment System and PlayStation Vita.

In an all-new trailer released today, fans get a fresh glimpse at the wonderful WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, featuring iconic FINAL FANTASY monsters and adorable heroes – expanding the FINAL FANTASY universe for a new generation of players.

In WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, players will lead a pair of twins, Reynn and Lann, on their journey through the world of Grymoire on a search to rediscover their lost memories. Throughout their journey, players will collect, raise and battle with the adorably familiar beings throughout the world including cactuar, chocobo and behemoth to customise and stack their army of monsters to create strategic tower combinations and take on even the most challenging of opponents.

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY will be available for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system PlayStation Vita system on 28th October 2016. To pre-order now visit;

Those who purchase the day one edition of the game will also receive the legendary Sephiroth as a summon to aid them in battle! For more information onWORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, visit

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