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What happened?

We had a week to take stock of the site so we could have it looked at by Chris – the legend who brings you Minecraft News every Saturday here on MGL – who is a legend along with his good friends at  they have gone over the site and how it was working on our server. Now the hamsters were getting a bit tired and low on water with all the page views people were having so it was time to look at a real server, with lots of cores, RAM and all that stuff so, we took some time to make sure everything was ready to move and be as efficient as possible.

There still maybe a few bugs, we have noticed one with the menu bar and small videos so those are being fixed today but please let me know at [email protected] if anything else is a bit wrong.

Back Bigger and Better!

This week we are back with a bang! This week we have some big games for you including:

  • An Alien Isolation Exclusive Interview
  • Respawn Rossco Reviews:
    • Battlefield Hardline Bets – and throws down a challenge to EA
    • Blue Estate – Rail shooter with strippers and lots of hair in your face!
    • Valiant Hearts – A beautiful story you can’t put down
    • EA Sports UFC- Has be in an arm bar
    • Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – Robots in Distress!
  • Noaksey Reviews One Piece: Unlimited World Red for Nintendo Wii-U
  • Gav is working on numerous Indie Games Reviews and Features Inc
    • Letter Quest: Grimms Journey
    • Save the comet 
    • Tap Master: Mondrian
    • Karma Incarnation 1
  • Subject Zero is launching a new Feature called Voice Artist of the Month, looking at different people giving their vocal talents to the characters we know and love.
  • This along with his fantastic reviews that keep on coming with X-Men Days of Future Past for iPad and more of his Telltale games reviews coming soon too.
  • Chris brings back Minecraft News! With a whole week (Well a month) of news to catch up on, make sure to take a read on Saturday!

Of course there is more and more coming so keep yourselves here on MGL for all the latest Features, Reviews and Gaming News, remember if you want to get involved Register As a Member and get chatting or even writing for us if you fancy it plus we are all over Twitter and Facebook so get following/liking us and we’ll see you here on MGL.

Game On.

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