Wow gamers! Some really good gaming news and videos have been launched today so we’ve done a nice roundup for you, headed up by Uncharted 4 In Madagascar as Nathan Drake shows off he’s got the moves still. But there’s more! Nioh is coming with a demo to PS4 soon with a 2016 release window. Star Ocean V is a bit more specific heading our way in July while Overwatch’s animated videos continue to launch with a new one over there weekend. Lastly a cool looking Indie title Enter The Gungeon is out tomorrow.

Click through the pages below for more stories or for specific news our list of what’s covered is below:

  1. Uncharted 4 Demo in Madagascar & Making of Videos
  2. Nioh Demo… and he looks like Geralt May Know his mother!
  3. Star Ocean V Release Detail and  Stylish Collectors Edition
  4. New Overwatch Animated Short – Alive! 
  5. The Gungeon is coming tomorrow… what’s a Gungeon?

1Uncharted 4 Gameplay Demo Looks Amazing

I genuinely can’t be more excited for Uncharted 4, it’s a game series I have loved since I put the first one in my PlayStation 3 – as my first EVER PS3 tite – and been blown away by everything about it. Now we are seeing how this new game is going to look and feel with some insight added via the PlayStation Blog.

I like the term “Wide Linear”, which maintains the series love of focusing on a story and going through it but gives us that added freedom we so crave for these days. Having played and reviewed Quantum Break recently and enjoyed it, I still think there is room for linear, story given games and this just looks amazing in the video above.

Plus, Naughty Dog have been giving some insight into the making of Uncharted 4 which you can watch after if you like.

Making of Uncharted 4 Videos

The next page covers the upcoming demo of Nioh…


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