Ubisoft E3 Reveals New Star Trek VR Gameplay With Old And New Star Trek Crew

Now includes full demo from the Bethesda E3 Showcase


The Ubisoft E3 event has been revealing some new information tonight gamers and we are right on top of things here on MGL. Check out the video above as Ubisoft Reveals New Star Trek VR gameplay and got us Trek fans excited to see Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) and new crew member Carl Urban playing this sci-fi geek game…. that looks awesome.

Players work together in different roles of the Bridge Crew to take on missions within a VR environment. They control the starship functions either the helm, engineering station or weapons. It looks very cool.

We are waiting for full press details so bookmark this article and you will get the updated information below on Star Trek Bridge Crew as soon as we have it.


Full information to follow…

For more on Star Trek Bridge Crew and Ubisoft’s E3 you can check out all the updates on the page here. We’ll also have updates on the main E3 section here plus you can check out all the predictions and build up to the event below on the links.

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