As ever we got some games and some dancing from Ubi this year! And you can get all of it in our Ubisoft E3 2019 round up here on this single page.

That includes the new Watch Dogs title Legion, more on Ghost Recon Breakpoint and plenty of additional content. We even got a huge surprise as they announced new game Gods and Monsters.

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Assassin’s Creed Symphony Kick Off

In a very classy and classical start to the Ubisoft show, we had some beautiful Assassin’s Creed music to enjoy. The Symphony was on stage and played some of the scores from the famous game series.

Watch Dogs Legion

If you ever wanted to play a game as a granny aged hacker then welcome to the new Watch Dogs game! Yes, I am serious.

Set in London you are taken through some rather unique gameplay of Watch Dogs Legion.

You and your set of DedSec operatives are recruiting more members of the team. We saw Ian at first, a hard fighting cockney gets involved in a shootout and die, permanently.

You then took over as retired police officer, a very ageing operative, Helen. But she uses her experience and ability to manipulate machines to go about her mission.

Then we saw Naomi who was finally recruiting Jimmy, the target they tried to recruit. Where he then became playable. You can recruit and play as ANYONE, the big key to the game.

It was a really cool twist on the formula and, I have to say it. Great to finally see some extended gameplay this E3!

Arrives March 6 2020 and looks cool with a very nice collector’s edition.

Mythic Quest Raven’s Banquet

Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney talks about a new tv show about a game studio making an expansion for a very popular game.

Ian Grim played by, Rob McElhenney is a very arrogant creative director and the show looks like it could be quite fun.

Rainbow 6 Siege Content

There was added content showcased for Rainbow 6 Siege with promotion for the previously announced, Phantom Sight content coming this week.

Adventure Time In Brawlhala

New cool looking addition to Brawlhalla brought in Adventure Time characters.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Nice cinematic trailer for the game showing off Jon Bethental’s character speaking to the Wolves in the game. Then he joined the stage to present the game, along with a very well behaved dog!

You will face an army of his wolves who originally trained with you and are very much in control of the region. They will make everything you do exceptionally difficult.

There are AI companions for single players and there are more factions to be on Delta Company in the game too. There will be a Beta September 5th about a month before launch, to register, go here.

The game promises new content along with free updates as the game expects to be played for a long time. They also revealed a crossover with Terminator in the game!

Just Dance 2020

Of course there as Just Dance! And the dancers on the stage too, thankfully playing to a bit of Panic! At the Disco which was cool.

Expected dancing madness ensues. Comes November to all formats, including Stadia.

For Honor Shadows of the Hitokiri

A new pack for For Honor showcased some new characters:

A dark cloud of death spreads in Season 2, so wield your blade.

Fight in a limited-time game mode, Soul Rush, to get exclusive rewards in Shadows of the Hitokiri.

Available from June 10th to June 27th.

Rainbow 6 Quarantine – New game

The game is new and from a new team at Ubi Montreal. The game showcased an intense CGI sequence looking like it was all very horror and tension driven in this Rainbow 6 title.

The game focuses on PVE Co-Op play in tactical battles as a squad. You’ll be combating against a parasite resulting in very dangerous situations.

Looks a cool concept and arrives early 2020.

The Division 2 – Content Update

The game first off is getting a free to play time for everyone from June 13 to 16 to get involved. Plus we got a look at DC Outskirts Expeditions. The first episode in additional missions and content.

Kenly College is a location here that focuses on exploration and problem solving

Episode 2 brings you The Pentagon which is cool, but it’s been taken over. It also involves 8 player raids.

Finally, Episode 3 takes you on a manhunt in early 2020. It also confirmed The Division movie would be with Netflix and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Pretty cool.


New service on PC that includes a huge array of games and all the additional content. $14.99 per month and special free access. The service will also be on Stadia from early 2020.

Roller Champions

Cool new PVP sports title that looked pretty fun and is available as an alpha of the game right now. There is a forum for updates but the game looks a cool mix of skating and rocket league.

Check out the nice gameplay clip they shared too.

Gods and Monsters

A new game based on mythology from the creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. A teaser but the game is coming on 25 February 2020.

Considering the game is so close it was surprising to get such a short clip but the game has some serious style about it.

The show ends there (no damn Splinter Cell once again!) but overall they showed some good titles and had a few surprises.

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Other videos added during the conference

There were a few other videos dropped by Ubisoft that were not in the show. Check them out below.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Story Creator Mode

Details here

Trails Rising: Medieval Motor Mayhem

Steep Japan Map is Free

For Honor Spectator Mode

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