The Game Awards Mass Effect Andromeda World Premiere Footage Revealed


As The Game Awards 2016 rolls on the event is showing off some more World Premiere trailers with gameplay and action to enjoy. Most are games releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC next year. And here we have The Game Awards Mass Effect Andromeda footage that was released during the event.

The video is available above or, if you are viewing using any other format you can watch the embed below.

The footage shown finally gives us the promised gameplay hinted at on N7 Day. With the game coming in Spring 2017, it was certainly about time!

More information from this video below. And for more TGA coverage go to the main page by clicking the image below

The Game Awards BannerThe Game Awards Mass Effect Andromeda Info

Mass Effect: Andromeda puts you in the role of the Pathfinder; an elite soldier, explorer and guide tasked with finding humanity a new home an uncharted galaxy. From arresting visuals and thrilling combat, to epic story and characters, Mass Effect: Andromeda is truly the next generation of Action/RPG gaming.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Coming Spring 2017 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One

I’ll update this article with more content when more details are available.

The Game Awards is covering a number of categories tonight including Game of The Year with Nominees including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Doom, Overwatch, Titanfall 2 and indie game Inside.

The winners will be listed here once the event has been completed and we’ll have a round up of all the world premier videos here too.

I also previewed the event check out this article and see what, if any, I got right!

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