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We have been all over E3 here at MGL with some fantastic shows so far. Bethesda Shocked us with Fallout coming in 2015 and amazing Doom gameplay. Xbox went backwards compatible & had some epic games while EA showed of Star Wars Battlefront & Mass Effect Andromeda and Ubisoft revealed Ghost Recon Wildlands & For Honor. 

But now is the day for Square Enix to take the stage, and you’re already I the right place to see the show! Bookmark The Page Now to see the event live and our live blog as it all happens tonight at 6pm UK time.

It might be time for Square Enix to shine but they have already stunned gamers worldwide, including us here a MGL last night.


The Final Fantasy VII remake was one the big shocks of E3 and may well be one of the most significant. This has been wanted for such a long time fans will be very, very excited for this if course but it opens up a big window of opportunity. Doing this amazing, classic game right may mean we see the entire PlayStation collection games totally remade and that, that is utterly amazing to think about.

We are hoping to hear more on this big reveal today… along with a few million other gamers!

The other new reveal was one we predicted, but not appearing on the PlayStation stage. Hitman and Agent 47 is back and he looks deadly. Hitman Absolution was a good game and the best moments were the contract missions where in a sandbox you had to kill a target however you wanted. Some could be killed in thousands of ways and that seems the focus of the new game.

Square are likely to show some gameplay at their event following the Video sequence last night.

All this before Deus Ex is even a mention! Square Enix’s big game of the show is the return of Deus Ex and there’s no surprise it’s big reveal is on their own show. We expect a big showing of this game at the event and if it keeps in tone with the rest of the presentations, expect it last up.

Deus Ex

The new Star Ocean game, Integrity and Faithlessness is another title to show off. The game was teased earlier in the year and not exposed further so this could make an appearance. Another classic series we are looking forward to seeing on the new technology.

This year’s offering in Just Cause 3 will be there and explosive with most likely extended gameplay. And after a very cold looking gameplay demo at the Microsoft press conference, Rise of The Tomb Raider should also be there. But will they confirm release potential on PC or even PS4…?

World’s of Final Fantasy was announced last night and was a real trip back to the cartoon FF experiences. But what fans of course really want is Final Fantasy XV and a release date. We’d love to see it but can’t help thinking the constant updates to the demo are to keep us entertained and distracted somewhat while we continue to wait for this game.

Holiday 2016 may be the window for this one.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was not at the PlayStation event but for an appearance in some montages. Given the relationship with this game,  it’s a surprise but maybe they will show that today looking more finished too.

One thing is for sure, E3 2015 has been of very high standard so far and you would hate to see it fizzle out with Square. We doubt that will happen but join us live right here for the live coverage when it all kicks off today at 18.00.

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