There are some cool indie games out there but Rebellion are one of those developers that really make them to similar levels as big AAA developers. As fans of the Sniper Elite series it’s been good to get an update on this latest game.  They have today revealed Sniper Elite 4 PS4 Pro support in addition to DirectX 12 support for PCs.

Making the launch on February 14, 2017 one that will be at the top levels of next generation technology.

This support will mean a few things for the performance of the game. The frame-rates and details of things like lighting, shadows and reflections will be even more in depth. Draw distance and other levels of detail in the locations, along with loads times, will also feel the enhancement.

With the game coming up soon, we felt this a good time to bring all the details together. Below is the details on the Sniper Elite 4 PS4 Pro and DirectX 12 support. Plus, all the information on the game and some videos are all available on this one page.

Will you be getting this one? Does it look good? Drop a Disqus Comment at the end with your thoughts on this one. It was one of our Indie Games To Watch From EGX, so we have high hopes. Check out the others on the link.

PS4 Pro And DirectX 12 Details

SNIPER ELITE 4 is going all-in on next-gen tech with support for PlayStation 4 Pro and for DirectX 12* on PC! The next entry in Rebellion’s award-winning sharpshooter series will take advantage of the latest technology when it launches on February 14th 2017, cementing its place as the defining World War 2 game for a generation.

Sniper Elite 4 PS4 Pro Support image 1SNIPER ELITE 4 will offer a number of technical improvements on PlayStation 4 Pro at launch, including enhanced frame rate, improved lighting and faster loading times (more details below).

“We’ve worked really hard to make SNIPER ELITE 4 our biggest and best game ever,” said Rebellion CTO and Co-founder Chris Kingsley, “And now the power of PlayStation®4 Pro, and DirectX 12 on PC, means we can take things even further for our fans who want the best sniper experience in the world. We’re turning everything up to 12!”

• Enhanced frame rate
• Increased draw distances
• Increased geometry level of detail
• Improved lighting and shadows fidelity
• Increased image quality of reflections
• Faster loading times

About Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is the next game in the award-winning, chart-topping shooter series.

Launching 14 February 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Sniper Elite 4 combines genre-defining ballistics, breathless emergent stealth, and gripping third person action across the largest and most diverse environments ever seen in a Sniper Elite game.

Sniper Elite 4 PS4 Pro Support image 2Welcome to Italy, 1943

Set in the aftermath of its award-winning predecessor, Sniper Elite 4 continues the series’ World War Two heritage by transporting players across the beautiful Italian peninsula, from sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal towns, to colossal Nazi megastructures, daunting forests and giddying mountain monasteries inspired by Monte Cassino.

Covert agent and elite marksman Karl Fairburne must fight alongside the brave men and women of the Italian Resistance to help free their country from the yoke of Fascism, and defeat a terrifying new threat with the potential to halt the Allied fightback in Europe before it’s even begun.

If his mission fails, there will be no Operation Overlord, no D-Day landings, and no Victory in Europe.

True Next-Generation Sniping

Running in native 1080p on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Sniper Elite 4 is the first game in the series built from the ground-up for next generation hardware.

With an expansive campaign for 1-2 players and dedicated co-op and adversarial multiplayer modes, Sniper Elite 4 aims to deliver the definitive World War Two shooter for a generation, with unrivalled sniping freedom across maps many times the size of those seen in Sniper Elite 3.

Pre Order Information And Special Editions

SNIPER ELITE 4 is now available for pre-order digitally and at retail on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from


Sniper Elite 4 Standard Edition – £49.99/€69.99
Sniper Elite 4 Digital Deluxe Edition – £74.99/€99.99
Digital Deluxe Edition contains the game, Target Fuhrer mission, Camo Rifle Skins Pack and the Season Pass


Sniper Elite 4 Standard Edition – £39.99/€59.99
Sniper Elite 4 Digital Deluxe Edition – £64.99/€89.99
Digital Deluxe Edition contains the game, Target Fuhrer mission, Camo Rifle Skins Pack and the Season Pass

All pre-orders will receive the TARGET FÜHRER campaign mission and CAMO RIFLES SKIN PACK which includes detailed camouflaged sleeves for the game’s seven iconic WW2 rifles.

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